'Gran Turismo Sport' Closed Beta Revealed, Check PS4 Dashboard

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 16, 2017 12:04 AM EDT

"Gran Turismo Sport" developers rolled out a new trailer last week featuring the announcement of the closed beta. It has been revealed that the initial phase will commence on Friday March 17. In addition, the PS4 "Gran Turismo Sport" is expected to launch late this year.

Polyphony, To Gradually Increase Beta Participants In Stages

Take note that registrants with the U.S. PSN IDs may check to see a message on the PS4 dashboard for an invitation to the closed beta. The team noted that the time difference between the U.S. and the team in Tokyo is the most optimally suited to record data, Techno Buffalo reported. The "Gran Turismo" team plans to gradually increase the sample size of the beta participants in stages.

It is expected that the servers for "Gran Turismo Sport" will be open for users at specific times of the day. Moreover, the beta is also set to offer a small rotation of car and circuit options for each day for the online multiplayer in beta. The "Gran Turismo" creator Kazunori Yamauchi also noted that track and car selections may vary during this time as the team will be offering different race class categories as well as course configurations to properly test fans.

"Track and car selections will vary during this period, and we made sure to offer different race class categories and course configurations to properly test our GT fans," posted Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi.

Sony Refunds Pre-Orders, Apologizes

Meanwhile, Sony has begun refunding pre-orders for "Gran Turismo Sport" after cancelling the initial release date. The team revealed that the game will be released late 2017. On this note, the company is cancelling current pre-orders and have apologized to gamers for the inconvenience, Alphr reported.

"Gran Turismo Sport" is set to get a new driver profile to add a greater sense of individuality and stats to online racing. New features include Sportsmanship Rating for tracking behavior and manners on-track and Driver Rating for analyzing the overall speed and performance in races. The game will also be used for matchmaking, naturally creating a balanced group of competitive drivers for every race. Watch the closed beta trailer below:


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