‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Update: Pikachu Threatened By A New Character; Concept Art Too Creepy For Young Gamers?

By Paige McClure , Updated Mar 16, 2017 04:03 AM EDT

Latest news regarding the epic game franchise, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are filled with varying details. Reports of Pikachu's legacy threatened to be replaced by a newer character are on the rise. Also, there are insinuations that the new concept art released is too creepy for the young enthusiasts.

Despite the rumors, there has been no proof verifying the claims to be true and genuine. In addition, contradicting the reports of Pikachu's demise has been released. A former report from Destructoid released that Japan is having a particularly insidious distribution event for Pokemon coming up, and it involves pre-ordering tickets for an upcoming film to get a special creature and that character is an adorable Ash Pikachu.

By pre-ordering tickets during specific times, you'll get certain colored hats with different abilities and the promotion runs from April 15 to October 9, with repeated dates in-between, which means only a few chances will be given.

3 days left until the release of Sun & Moon!!! RT if you're excited!! pic.twitter.com/dkTpCjigiw

— Pokémon Sun and Moon (@7thGenPokemon) November 15, 2016

 On a different tone, a new concept art released for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are deemed creepy by other followers. Polygon reports that the game introduced a bunch of new monsters that are, for lack of better word, disturbing, but a new book containing concept art suggests that the most bizarre, unnerving Pokémon of all are the ones who may not really count as Pokémon at all.

The Ultra Beasts are a collection of monsters who occupy a pretty weird space in the Pokémon universe. They can't be caught through normal means, and unlike other legendaries, not all of the Ultra Beasts are one-of-a-kind rarities because they play a big part in the game's story too.

For the gaming enthusiasts, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" could be played using PS4 consoles and Xbox One.

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