‘Quake Champions’ Review: Fairly Well-Balanced; Provides Mix Of New Game Elements & Classic Game Action

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 20, 2017 07:54 AM EDT

"Quake Champions" hands-on during the Pax East 2017 puts the players in a classic death match set in the new Blood Covenant map, which was based on "The Camping Grounds" map from the Quake III Arena. The game reportedly played fast, which is how Quake titles should play, and the dizzying verticality was noticeable. Overall, the "Quake Champions" is a good game.

"Quake Champions" Stats And Ultimates For Each Champion

"Quake Champions" players may be familiar with Ranger, who is available by default in free-to-play format, has 50 Armor, 320 Speed, 100 HP and with Dire Orb as Ultimate. On the other hand, other champions like the Scalebearer, Slash, Galena,Visor, Nyx, Anarki, Sorlag and Clutch will be included in the game's roster of characters available for purchase, either through currency earned in-game or actual money, in bundles or ala carte.

In the "Quake Champions" demo, each champion was noted to be fairly well-balanced, like Visor that is reported to have a robust health bar and an ultimate ability of scanning beyond walls to prevent ambushes.

"Quake Champions" appears to be great on the surface, with its solid frame rates and sharp textures created for a smooth multiplayer experience. Regardless of the player's lack of skill, there is no chance being overpowered, except for some slower movements, Zero Lives reported.

"Quake Champions" Gives Classic Game Action

Game observers suggest that "Quake Champions" provides the appropriate balance every player would want to see in a game that seeks to combine new elements into a traditional formula. As the game will soon have its closed beta and an attempt to make some changes, "Quake Champions" is believed to be the game every fan is waiting.

"Quake Champions" is also easily recognized from the classic Quake games through its focus on teamwork, as players get warned when a pick-up is about to spawn and teams are given time to form up and control that region of the map. Moreover, a character's ability gives an area-of-effect heal, which gives more reasons to play as a team, Gamespot reported. Watch "Quake Champions" Beta, Weapons and Champions here:


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