'Tekken 7' To Feature More DLC Characters From Other Games

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 17, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

It came as a surprise for both "Tekken" fans and "Street Fighter" fans when Bandai Namco revealed that Akuma is a guest character in "Tekken 7". It actually came as a surprise for gamers because Akuma was not yet available even as a DLC character in "Street Fighter V" at that time. Surprisingly several sources have reported that the game is set to add two more guest characters as DLC content.

As of now, there are no clues or teasers about the two DLC characters, the developer only shared information about their DLC roadmap that the first batch of content will arrive around summer. Game Rant reveals that the content will include a new unannounced game mode, together with new costumes for each of the fighters on the roster.

After the first batch of content DLCs, "Tekken 7" will reportedly start to get the two additional exclusive guest characters supposedly from other games. According to reports, the first one is scheduled to become available sometime in winter this year. Meanwhile, the second guest character should be expected next year around spring. Gamers have the option to grab a season pass that includes the two guest characters and also unlocks 35 metallic costumes.

The other downloadable contents feature customizable character panels. Players can swap different character images that show up during the loading screen. These items are apparently going to be free for all users on every platform but were not given an exact release timeframe. The panels will reportedly feature character art from several artists who collaborated with Bandai Namco.

According to IGN, the two DLC guest characters will both come with a special stage an extra costume related to that fighter. Gamers who pre-order "Tekken 7" will apparently receive another bonus downloadable character. Players will reportedly unlock Eliza, a vampire fighter, on day one as long as they pre-order their copies of the fighting game. "Tekken 7" is scheduled to become available on June 2, 2017, for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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