Capcom Games: No Talks About PS1 Classic ‘Dino Crisis’; ‘Onimusha’ More Likely To Come Soon

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 23, 2017 05:21 AM EDT

The "Dino Crisis" publishers are rumored to be considering creating a remastered version of the game as is the trend today. While several key persons have noted interest in the development of the game, the rebooted "Dino Crisis" is still not set in stone. In the meantime, other survival horror games like "Resident Evil 7" are expected to increase in the years to come.

No Serious Discussions Yet Over "Dino Crisis"

Take note that at the start of 2016, the producer for Capcom's "Monster Hunter Online", Tao Weishi first showed interest in a "Dino Crisis" revival. Weishi-san also suggested that Capcom may commence by remastering the original "Dino Crisis" noting that the game would fall in line nicely with the current strategy with remasters, DailyStar UK reported. However, very little has been heard since then about the revival of the cult classic until recently when the "Resident Evil 7" Producer Masachika Kawata noted excitement over creating "Dino Crisis" with modern gaming technology.

Kawata-san further revealed that he sincerely hopes that Capcom would one day seize the opportunity to bring back the PlayStation 1 classic. However, Kawata-san also confirmed that there are no conversations happening at Capcom to date about "Dino Crisis" revival. In the meantime, a great number of requests coming from fans of "Onimusha Warlords" have flooded Capcom.

In 2016, the Capcom legend Yoshinori Ono, who worked extensively on the game revealed that he has spoken internally with the team behind "Onimusha" with the intent to revisit the series. Kawata-san, who discussed about the prospects of "Dino Crisis" also noted that a return for "Onimusha" may still be worth considering from the developer's perspective. It has also been revealed that conversations to recreate the game are happening at high levels.

Whilst also discussing "Dino Crisis," "Resident Evil 7" Producer Masachika Kawata, who was also involved with "Onimusha: Warlords" back in the day, told us that a return for "Onimusha" is still worth considering from Capcom's perspective.

Capcom Vancouver Turns Down "Dino Crisis"

Meanwhile, an industry insider on NeoGAF, Jawmuncher allegedly revealed that a "Dino Crisis" remastered version almost came from Capcom Vancouver. It is said that the developers over at Vancouver were approached with the opportunity to reboot the cult classic. The team behind the Dead Rising reportedly had the choice to reboot "Dino Crisis" or the action-RPG "Knights of Aegis."

"Dino Crisis" had to give way for the action-RPG that was later cancelled since development began in 2013, Gamerant reported. Apparently, no other Capcom studios have stepped up to the plate to remaster the franchise. With the success of "Resident Evil 7," an HD remaster of "Dino Crisis" may be in development soon. Watch a Dino Crisis walkthrough below:


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