PlayStation Plus News: ‘Drawn To Death’ Launches On April For Free; More Sony Freebies Announcement Expected To Happen On March 29

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 23, 2017 06:02 AM EDT

PlayStation Plus will support "Drawn To Death" when it launches on April 4. The new shooter game from David Jaffe, who also portrayed major roles on "Twisted Metal" and "God of War," will soon be played by PS Plus subscribers for free.

PlayStation Plus Offers "Drawn To Death" For $19.99

Those who have not signed up to PlayStation can still have a chance to play the game by cashing out $19.99. With that amount, they can have the characters like Ninjaw and weapons such as the shaxe that is reported to be a cross between an axe and a shotgun.

Game designer Jaffe revealed that "God of War's" play mechanics are the reason why he loves making and playing video games, though he understands and respects the fact that not all players may feel the same way. Nevertheless, he believes that the more he continues his work and the more games he play, the more he will realize his love and admiration for the game's' play mechanics, GLIXEL reported.

More Announcements Are Expected For PlayStation Plus Members This Month

PlayStation Plus freebies are normally announced a week before they go live. This means that the fans can expect to hear more from Sony on March 29. Meantime, the  first PS Plus April 2017 free game titled "Drawn To Death" is described as a third-person shooter that takes place entirely "inside the pages of a high school kid's notebook."

In PlayStation Plus' "Drawn To Death," all of the kid's creative drawings will come to life and fight it out in this highly competitive and fast paced online action game. In addition to the surprisingly tactical battle, fantastically deep characters and distinct over the top levels, there is a lot more to expect from the game that have not been discussed yet, Express reported. Learn more about Playstation Plus (PS+) here:


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