Donyae Coles

Super Smash Bros

Meta Knight amiibo Available For Pre-Order

Dec 08, 2014 12:49 PM EST

Nintendo is back with an amiibo to help you forget the terror that lurks under Princess Peach's skirts. The Meta Knight is available for pre-order from Best Buy currently to add to your ranks of tiny attack machines.

The Walking Dead

Male Lead for Walking Dead Spinoff Cast

Dec 08, 2014 11:09 AM EST

More casting news has been released for The Walking Dead spinoff. This new news reveals who the male lead for the new show will be. Deadline reports that Cliff Curtis will be taking on the role of the divorced teacher lead.

Friday the 13th Movie Poster (2009)

Fuller Hints At Direction For New Friday The 13th Movie

Dec 06, 2014 03:28 PM EST

Fans of Jason films were treated to more news on their favorite undead, co-ed hating slasher. A new Friday the 13th film was announced to be in the works some time ago but little has been heard of it. Brad Fuller finally broke the silence to let fans know what's going to be happening in the newest chapter, Dread Central reports.

Star Wars

Original Heroes Return For Star Wars #1

Dec 06, 2014 03:19 PM EST

Last week the new teaser trailer for Star Wars came out but this isn't the only upcoming bit of news for fans of the long running franchise. Marvel is releasing Star Wars #1 in the New Year and they've provided more details about the new comic book for fans.

Super Stardust Delta

Super Stardust Ultra To Come To PlayStation 4 in 2015

Dec 05, 2014 05:16 PM EST

Fans of shooters rejoice! Super Stardust Ultra is coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2015. The critically acclaimed shooter will be expanding on the original game to create an even bigger more involved player experience as reported by PlayStation.


Agent Carter Shows Off Her Skills In New Comic Miniseries

Dec 05, 2014 01:05 PM EST

Peggy Carter is not to be toyed with. If nothing else, that's the message you can take away from OPERATION S.I.N #1. The tough as nails secret agent teams up with Howard Stark to do battle against the insidious Hydra in this new comic miniseries.

Cartman on #REHASH episode of South Park

PewDiePie Relevance Questioned on South Park Episode

Dec 05, 2014 11:26 AM EST

PewDiePie finally made his appearance on South Park and if you missed it, it's up to view right now. The episode was full of its normal amount of crassness and hilarity while managing to trash pop culture mercilessly. The episode titled, #Rehash, is a scathing look at modern fame.


The Merc with a Mouth Returns in Possible Deadpool Movie

Dec 04, 2014 07:54 PM EST

Good news for fans of the Merc with a Mouth. Ryan Reynolds and Fox are close to signing off on a deal for the Deadpool movie, Deadline reports. If this takes place, it will be the second time that the actor has taken up the role. Renyolds has posted photos on Twitter of Deadpool which is a good sign that this is going to happen.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange Actor Officially Announced

Dec 04, 2014 07:26 PM EST

After a ton of speculation and false leads, Marvel has declared it official: Doctor Strange is none other than Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Flash vs Arrow Crossover Event

Numbers Don’t Lie, Fans Love Flash vs Arrow

Dec 04, 2014 06:06 PM EST

The fans have spoken and it's clear: Arrow/Flash Crossover was a success! According to Super Hero Hype, the second part of the two part series entitled "The Brave and the Bold" brought in 3.86 million viewers making it number 2 in the raking of Arrow episodes. Something about the mash up of two young hip heroes just really got people going.

American Horror Story

Family Ties are Cut on American Horror Story

Dec 04, 2014 04:15 PM EST

What is going on in Florida in the 1950s? American Horror Story: Freakshow certainly lived up to its episode's name this week as friends and family tortured and killed in the crazy, creepy roller coaster of emotions.

Avengers No More Bullying Cover

Avengers Take On Real World Problem In Special One Shot

Dec 04, 2014 03:39 PM EST

Nobody likes a bully, especially groups of super powered people. In fact, they pretty much build their entire lives around making sure bullies don't get their way. No More Bullying #1 is a January one shot set to help end bullying for everyone.

The Walking Dead

Magic vs Zombies, Tom Riddle Actor Cast in Walking Dead Spinoff

Dec 04, 2014 11:38 AM EST

If you're still reeling over THAT CHARACTER's demise in Sunday's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, then the network has a surprise to warm your heart. Deadline reports that some of the cast for Cobalt, the spin off for mega hit The Walking Dead, have finally been announced.

YoutTube Logo

Gangnam Style Breaks The Internet

Dec 03, 2014 03:43 PM EST

Move over Kim Kardashian. Your photos were noteworthy but there's a new contender for #BreaktheInternet. Psy's "Gangnam Style" has been viewed so many times that it has surpassed 32-bit integers had had to go up to 64-bit. That's an impressive feat. Buckle up, we're about to get hella-nerdy up in here because we're going to explain why.

The Last Of Us: The FILM

Arya Stark Turning Survival Skills from Westeros to Post-Apocalyptic America for Last of Us Role

Dec 03, 2014 01:34 PM EST

One of the lost Stark children has said yes to being in The Last of Us reports Shock Till You Drop. The 17 year old Maisie Williams is known for her role as plucky mini killer Arya Stark from the smash hit Game of Thrones. The young actress has confirmed that she has said yes to the role of Ellie for the film adaptation of the hit game, The Last of Us.

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