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Apple to launch the new iPad Pro 2 on October 27.

iPad Pro 2 Release Date, News & Update: KGI Analyst Reveals 2 Variants ALL RESERVED For 2017 Release

Sep 15, 2016 08:11 PM EDT

Apple’s next tablet, the iPad Pro 2 is rumored to take the spotlight in 2017.

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

iPhone 7 Release Date, News & Update: Here's Run-Down Of 'Free' Ownership Hours Before Release

Sep 15, 2016 07:40 PM EDT

iPhone 7 has been creating a buzz with announcements of promos offering the new 32GB iPhone 7 for free.

Sony Holds Press Event At E3 Gaming Conference Unveiling New Products For Its Playstation Game Unit

'No Man's Sky' Release Date, News & Update: Players Can Create Bases, BUT Wait Until Bugs Are Patched! Creator Hints MAC Version Soon!

Sep 15, 2016 07:37 PM EDT

“No Man’s Sky” game creator Sean Murray, who is also Hello Games’ founder revealed that the players will be allowed to create bases and own gigantic space freighters during the launch day patch.

The Samsung Studio At SXSW 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, News & Update: For 2nd Time, Dual Boot System Will be Implemented; Android, Windows OS Possible In MWC 2017

Sep 15, 2016 07:13 PM EDT

Samsung also seems to be working on releasing a dual boot phone with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Spike TV's 2007 'Video Game Awards' - Arrivals

‘Bioshock The Collection’ Release Date, News & Update: All DLCs Come With Free Upgrade; System Requirements & How To Play Remastered PC Versions For Free?

Sep 15, 2016 06:42 PM EDT

“Bioshock The Collection” includes “Bioshock,” “Bioshock 2” as well as “Bioshock Infinite,” with each game remastered in 1080p resolution, and on a single disc.

Gamescom 2016 Media Day

‘Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Zombies Mode’ Release Date, News & Update: You Need Fire Power, Here’s How To Best Achieve It; ‘Salvation’ Final DLC?

Sep 15, 2016 06:41 PM EDT

“Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Zombies Mode” has recently been released, along with new weapons that players can use to take down zombies.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

‘Pokemon Go’ Release Date, News & Update: Ditto is in Pokedex, [BUT] Actually, No Ditto Placed In Game

Sep 15, 2016 06:39 PM EDT

“Pokemon Go” players believe that Niantic did not actually placed Ditto in” Pokemon Go,” although Ditto is included in the Pokedex.

Google Holds Press Event Announcing New Products

Android 7.0 Nougat Release Date, News & Update: Split-Screen For Multitasking, Notification System Revolutionized; Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 To Receive in December?

Sep 15, 2016 06:39 PM EDT

Android 7.0 Nougat comes with a new split-screen mode that allows easy multitasking, where users can use two apps simultaneously even on their phones.

Manga And Anime Enthusiasts Take Part In The Hyper Japan Festival

'One Piece 839' Release Date, News & Update: Luffy Needs To Release Gear 5th Or Awakening To Defeat Charlotte Cracker [VIDEO]; You'll never Guess Network Of Mirror's Power

Sep 15, 2016 06:38 PM EDT

“One Piece 839” may feature the battle between Luffy and Charlotte Cracker that is more likely to get tougher as Luffy discovers that his enemy is stronger than he thought, even activating his Gear 4th does not seem to be enough.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Mystic Gyms Crashes, Freezes Mean Phone Hardware Issue NOT App & Here's How To Fix It!

Sep 14, 2016 05:17 AM EDT

“Pokemon Go” gym freezing crashing issues mean that in a number of places, when Team Mystic takes control of the Pokemon gym, the players can keep it for an indefinite time until the bug is fixed.

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2015 International CES

GoPro Karma Drone Release Date, News & Update: Leaked Images Reveal Black, White Quadcopter, Stabilizer? GoPro Hero 5 Hinted GoPro Plus storage?

Sep 14, 2016 05:17 AM EDT

GoPro Karma leaked photos were seen on some German, Spanish and French website before they were taken down.

South Korean Online Gamers Achieve Celebrity Status

AMD Radeon RX 490 Release Date, News & Update: No Mention in August Investor Presentation Hints Next-Gen Vega? 4K, VR Display, 9830 GigaFlops Power All-In

Sep 14, 2016 05:16 AM EDT

AMD Radeon RX 490 may possibly be based on the company’s next generation Vega.

Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016

LG V20 Release Date, News & Update: Definitely A LG V10, LG G5 Combo! Android 7.0 Nougat Out Of The Box At $700?

Sep 14, 2016 05:15 AM EDT

LG V20 smartphone has finally been revealed and it features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8992 chipset and Google’s latest OS, the Android 7.0 Nougat.

Singer Britney Spears performs with a snake draped

'Make Me' Britney Spears News, Update: Pop Star Teaches Young Girls Dance (VIDEO); James Corden 'Carpool Karaoke' Made Her Uneasy?

Sep 14, 2016 05:14 AM EDT

“Make Me” singer Britney Spears started giving dance lessons to young girls once again.

'Bachelor' Ben Higgins And Fiancee Lauren Bushnell Visit 'The Lion King' On Broadway

'The Bachelor' 2017 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: 'Always Runner-Up' Nick Viall Gets To Be Searcher In January; 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 3 Robby Hayes Disappointed

Sep 14, 2016 05:13 AM EDT

“The Bachelor” will run again January 2017 on ABC starring Nick Viall as the leading man.

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