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NY MAG + A&E Host Married At First Sight Mixer

‘Married At First Sight’ Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Nicole & Jono Dating For Real?

Sep 29, 2016 06:37 PM EDT

"Married at First Sight" Season 4 is affirmed to be underway. The upcoming season is bound to air and fans cannot wait any longer.

Computer Gaming Summit Held In Germany

‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Sister Location Unveiled; No More Clips?

Sep 29, 2016 06:32 PM EDT

Fans of “Five Night at Freddy’s” are happy to hear news about the upcoming patch of the game. But the company have not yet said any concrete details of the said event.

Tokyo Game Show 2016 - Day 3

‘Titanfall 2’ Release Date, News & Update: Game Demands for Platforms for a Better Game Play Revealed.

Sep 29, 2016 06:31 PM EDT

“Titanfall 2” is bound to be revealed on late October this year. Game front runner Drew McCoy lately highlighted a point where he emphasized information for the players to get the game.

China's Xiaomi Breaks Into Tablet Market

‘Xiaomi’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Mi 5S Replaced With Mi Note S; Specs Being Revealed

Sep 26, 2016 01:38 AM EDT

Avid followers of “Xiaomi” Mi 5 might be too upset knowing that the “Xiaomi” Mi 5S would not be coming.

Competition Begins In National Video Game Event

‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ Latest News & Update: Medallion Location Unleashed

Sep 26, 2016 01:26 AM EDT

“Destiny: Rise of Iron” could possibly been exposed days ago. But the hunting on the Iron Gjallarhorn is currently intensifying. The chase boundary should first be accomplished for them to have the said armor.

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

‘PlayStation’ Release Date News & Update: PS Plus to Announce its October Line-up; Price Increase Not Worldwide?

Sep 25, 2016 07:22 PM EDT

PlayStation has recently announced the price hike of the PS plus subscription. The price increase has indicated that the “PlayStation” community would possibly add AAA games on the PS Plus next line-up.

Annual E3 Gaming Conference In Los Angeles

‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: Hello Games Still Silent for The Update; Upcoming Install Fixes Bug Issues

Sep 25, 2016 07:09 PM EDT

"No Man's Sky" recent instalment 1.09 has currently been exposed by Hello Games, updating various issues and much more thrill to the game.

Japanese Anime Craze Hits Hong Kong

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: Pokemon Go Still Not Available on Windows Phone?

Sep 25, 2016 07:09 PM EDT

The famous interactive game “Pokemon Go” has just been on top on every mobile game since its release and has also captured some Windows Phone users to try it out. Information confirms that the bid to acquire the game on Windows mobile phones has just been disregarded.

Mobile World Congress - Day 1

‘Samsung Note 8’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Samsung to Play Competion with Apple iPhone 7?

Sep 21, 2016 09:05 AM EDT

One of the biggest conglomerates in the world is “Samsung”. Since technological advancement is the new trend nowadays.

South Korean Economy - Presidential Election Campaign Issue

‘Samsung Galaxy S8’ Release Date, News & Update: Galaxy S8 Specs; Samsung to Release Device Without Headphone Jack?

Sep 21, 2016 03:40 AM EDT

"Samsung" is set to release its new "Samsung Galaxy S8" that showcases a device similar with Apple iPhone & having no headphone jacks at all.

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Taiwan

‘Clash of Clans’ Release Date, News & Update: Supercell to Reclaim Throne; A New Mode to be Installed?

Sep 21, 2016 03:39 AM EDT

"Clash of Clans" upcoming instalment this September is a much awaited event by huge fans of the famous mobile game.

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

‘Dark Souls 3’ Release Date, News & Update: Access to Ariandel Exposed.

Sep 21, 2016 03:36 AM EDT

The arctic planet of Ariandel will later come to “Dark Souls III” as the prime update bundle and is set to be exposed on October 25. Ashes of Ariandel will enable gamers to unveil the reality of what has been demolished in the land and what has been obtained in the whole region.

Electronic Arts Debuts New Games At E3 Conference

‘Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2’ Release Date, New & Update: Mystery Portal Revealed

Sep 21, 2016 03:35 AM EDT

As the game developer PopCap evolved from its tower-defense like play into touch-sensational video game play with its “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2”, its recent instalments creates an entire new seasoning for an amazing play of the gamers.

Basketball - Olympics: Day 7

NBA Trade Rumors Golden State Warriors: Best Lineup in NBA League; Chances of Winning is High?

Sep 15, 2016 07:10 PM EDT

The “Golden State Warriors” was caught in surprise when Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant decided to join their team this offseason. In result to this, the Warrior’s chances in winning another NBA title have risen. However, articles say that Durant got Klay Thompson in the trading block.

Memphis Grizzlies v Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Trade Rumors News & Update: Cleveland Cavaliers to Improve Lineup -- Opens Trade to Memphis Grizzlies

Sep 15, 2016 07:06 PM EDT

The NBA trade rumors as of today includes the information regarding “Cleveland Cavalier’s” thinking of improving their team by trading player to Memphis Grizzlies, if they would allow them to do so. Reports have been circulating around regarding Iman Shumpert to be open on trades with Vince Carter of Memphis Grizzlies.

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