‘Pokémon Sun’, ‘Pokémon Moon’ Release Date, News & Update: 3 Major Changes Gamers Should Expect

‘Pokémon Sun’, ‘Pokémon Moon’ Release Date, News & Update: 3 Major Changes Gamers Should Expect

Here are the three major changes in the upcoming "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon" games.

by Nica Virtudazo

Crystal Red Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo Announces Two New Transparent 2DS Systems, Just In Time For The New Pokemon Games

Nintendo announced today two new 2DS models that channel the transparent designs of Game Boys past and will be released in North America on the same day as Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

by Connor Sears

Hyrule Warriors

What To Expect From Nintendo This Holiday Season... And When?

Nintendo is giving us new entries in two of its major franchises, along with some nifty software updates for some of its consoles. Read on to see what you can expect (all prices suggested retail prices)!

by Luca Saitta

Wii U

Planning On Getting A Nintendo System For The Holidays? They've Got You Covered With Three New Hardware Bundles

For those who are just now starting to think about hopping on board with one of Nintendo's current consoles (I get it. A new Smash Bros. will do that to a person.) Nintendo is shipping out three new hardware bundles, two for Wii U and one for the 2DS.

by Connor Sears

Mega Man

Nintendo eShop Update: New Games This Week Include Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, Mega Man, Azure Striker GUNVOLT

What's new on Nintendo's eShop this week for the Wii U, 3DS and 2DS? Let's find out!

by Luca Saitta

Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life Brings The Vamps To Your 3DS

Brad, James, Connor and Tristan on your Nintendo handheld device? You betcha! British pop group the Vamps will be available for your island building pleasure in Tomodachi Life.

by Luca Saitta

Pokémon Championships Logo

Twitch Will Broadcast the US and International Pokémon Champions Live

Still looking to get your Pokémon fix, but can't make out to the US National Championships in Indianapolis? No worries, Twitch has you covered. For the first time ever, the streaming platform is turning its attention to the infamous pocket monsters, and will be broadcasting the Championships live.

by Luke Caulfield

New Super Mario Bros 2 Bundle

'New Super Marios Bros 2' 2DS Bundle Release Date, Nintendo Brings Coin Action To New Console

Just in time for America's birthday, Mario and Luigi are getting a rebirth. Today, Nintendo announced that a new bundle of New Super Mario Bros. 2 Special Edition will be released for the Nintendo 2DS.

by Steve Buja

Sea Green 2DS

Nintendo Goes Nautical, Announces New Sea Green 2DS, Arrives in North America Early June

Ever fashion forward, and just in time for swimsuit season, Nintendo has announced the availability of a new color for the handheld 2DS, and will hit the states early next month.

by Luke Caulfield

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Review Round Up - Kirby: Triple Deluxe

What the critics are saying...

by Luke Caulfield

Nintendo eShop on Wii U Tablet Controller

Nintendo's eShop is Unavailable, But Super Punch Out!! and Mario Tennis Will Be There When It's Back Up

Nintendo - "In an effort to manage the high volume of traffic and ultimately improve your experience, we are temporarily taking the Nintendo eShop services offline between the hours of 4 p.m. - 4 a.m. ET. Thank you so much for your continued patience. We will keep you updated."

by Luke Caulfield

Nintendo Network

Nintendo Delays Release of Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter Due to Crowded Network

Nintendo's Facebook post - "Due to the high traffic, we are postponing the launch of Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter until further notice. As a Nintendo standard, we strive for the utmost quality before launching any of our applications. We truly regret the inconvenience, and wish to reassure you that providing a solution is our top priority."

by Luke Caulfield

Pokémon 2DS Bundle

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y 2DS Bundles North American Release Dated for December 6

No switching or swapping though, it's either the blue 2DS with Pokémon Y, or the red 2DS with Pokémon X

by Luke Caulfield

Super Mario 3D World

Want Super Mario 3D Land for Free? Read This

More free games for those who register their 3DS and a game today.

by Luke Caulfield

Blackgate 2

TROPHIES - Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

31 in all.

by Luke Caulfield

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