Microsoft Unconcerned With Plagiarists and Scams

Microsoft Unconcerned With Plagiarists and Scams

The Windows app store is a "cesspool" of fake apps and scams, according to an informal inquiry by How To Geek. The website gives an abysmal rating to the app store, noting that scams parading as well-known apps were available with almost every search.

by Barry Eitel

Yo Logo

Yo App Valued Between $6 Million And $10 Million, Investors Willing To Pay For Potential

The app Yo, which allows users only to send messages containing "Yo" to one another, has been valued at up to $10 million.

by Matthew Buzzi

Comedy Central App

Comedy Central South Park, Daily Show and More Episodes Available Free on New iOS App

The comedy network released an app for all of its programming, replacing the individual apps for each show, and now offers free episodes with bonuses for subscribers.

by Matthew Buzzi

Starbucks App

Tip Starbucks Baristas from Your iPhone

An update to the iOS Starbucks app next week will allow you to digitally tip your barista.

by Matthew Buzzi

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

If Streaming Television Shows and Movies is a Deciding Factor For You Buying the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, Check Out This List

The Xbox One has 19 streaming services over 12 for the PlayStation 4.

by Luke Caulfield

Xbox One

Here's What Apps Are Coming to the Xbox One

Skype, Netflix, Machinima, Twitch, and more, all broken down by country.

by Luke Caulfield

PlayStation 4 Controller

Here's What Apps the PlayStation 4 Will Have at Launch

Whether you want to play games, listen to music, or watch movies or TV shows, the PlayStation 4 has got you covered.

by Luke Caulfield

Xcom Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown For iOS To Support Multiplayer And Cloud Saves

Reboot of the classic RTS is headed to the iPad.

by James Dohnert


Is Nintendo Testing The Smartphone App Waters?

With low sales numbers and an upcoming Miiverse app, Nintendo could be turning into a whole new animal

by Luke Caulfield

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