Official 'Destiny 2' Art Seems To Confirm Story Speculations

Official 'Destiny 2' Art Seems To Confirm Story Speculations

Bungie has officially announced "Destiny 2" together with an interesting single piece of art.

by Michael Augustin

Destiny - The Taken King Intro Cutscene 1080p HD - Mara Sov is Hot!

'Destiny 2': Cinematic Story Confirmed & Release Details

Reports claim that there were speculations saying the "Destiny 2" has been delayed to 2018, but publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg confirms the game is slated for a late 2017 release date.

by Michael Augustin

The Enemies of Destiny - The Cabal

'Destiny 2' Plot Possibly Leaked By Mega Bloks Set Description

Gamers scouring the Internet for any tidbit of information regarding "Destiny 2" are surely having a hard time.

by Michael Augustin


Bungie’s Destiny has new information on weapons, races and customizations

Bungie’s confirms weapon customizations, mech size, enemy types, and integration for Destiny.

by Prarthito Maity

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