Need A Refresher Before The Better Call Saul Premiere? Check Out The New Digital Comic For Free

Need A Refresher Before The Better Call Saul Premiere? Check Out The New Digital Comic For Free

In anticipation of this weekend's premiere of Better Call Saul, AMC has released a new digital comic that will catch you up with everyone's favorite sleazy lawyer.

by Steve Buja

Saga Volume Four Cover

Saga Creator Is Open To A Video Game Based On Series

Saga was one of the best comics to come out in recent history. At first glance it's a science fiction space fantasy but on closer inspection, it's a deep meditation on themes spanning from war, abuse, and of all things, parenthood. Series writer Brian K. Vaughan discusses his views on the comic in a recent interview.

by Donyae Coles


Powers To Make A Return To Comic Stands

To coincide with the new Powers TV series is a brand new comic. Powers #1 is a new ongoing series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming from the Icon imprint.

by Donyae

Wolverines Cover

New Comic Chronicles Life After Wolverine

Wolverines #1 is starting up in January. Spoiler alert, he's still dead. This isn't the revival of Wolverine. But don't worry, your favorite mutant is still in the series. As an adamantium encased corpse that everyone wants to get their hands on. After meeting his end in the Death of Logan, it seems that everyone still wants a piece of him.

by Donyae Coles


Preacher Pilot Picked Up By AMC

A few months back news started coming down the wire about a possible network adaptation of Preacher, the cult comic from DC/Vertigo. Deadline has confirmed that a pilot episode of the show has officially been picked up by AMC.

by Donyae


Agent Carter Shows Off Her Skills In New Comic Miniseries

Peggy Carter is not to be toyed with. If nothing else, that's the message you can take away from OPERATION S.I.N #1. The tough as nails secret agent teams up with Howard Stark to do battle against the insidious Hydra in this new comic miniseries.

by Donyae Coles

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