'CS GO' Operation Riptide Update Guide: Gameplay, Map Changes, and Other Things Players Could Expect

'CS GO' Operation Riptide Update Guide: Gameplay, Map Changes, and Other Things Players Could Expect

Counter Strike: Global Offensive launched its "Operation Riptide" update, bringing in additional options for the game's Deathmatch game mode, as well as new maps. The said update also have changes for its maps and weapons.

by Staff Reporter

‘Counter Strike’ News: CS Player Banned For Allegedly Harassing A Minor

‘Counter Strike’: CS Player Banned For Allegedly Harassing A Minor

“Counter Strike” player was banned for a thousand years for allegedly harassing a 15-year-old girl.

by Danny Smith

Valve Logo Evolution (1998 - Present)

Steam Marks Its First 14 Million Concurrent Users Last Weekend

Steam was able to hit another milestone with up to 14 million online users during the weekend.

by Michael Augustin

Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive launch trailer

'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' Latest News & Update: 'CS:GO'Modders Go Old School With 'Classic Offensive'; Changes Weather System [Watch Trailer]

A modder featured a "Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive" launch trailer, which is a remake of "CS" being created inside an actual remake of the same game.

by V Doctor

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer

'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' Latest News & Updates: The Game Has Been Modified To Include Interchangeable Weather Patterns

Sandstorms, thunder and fog are among the interchangeable weather patterns that has been altered on “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

by Cores Grace Malaay

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer

Valve Denies Criminal Charges of Illegal Counter Strike Gambling

After the order to "respond and explain" the illegal charges against Valve, the Company denies the claim. Valve said that the Washington State Gambling Commission has no factual grounds to support its claim, thus it is not in violation with gambling state laws.

by Samille Jan Abada

China Korea Cyber Game 2005

Counter Strike: GO' Latest News & Update: Valve Anti-Cheat Bans Thousands of Players, 'Dota 2' Swept Also

Close to 4,000 "Counter Strike: GO" players are put on Steam's holding area after Valve Anti-Cheat bots swept the server from cheaters. Valve DB assured that servers did not experience any problems nor crashed but those who can't access the server are players tagged for employing cheats.

by Regin Olimberio

Annual E3 Gaming Conference In Los Angeles

'Counter-Strike' Latest News & Update: Betting Site CSGO Lounge Wants An Official Gambling License

The "Counter-Strike" website reportedly processed over 90 million skins in the first half of 2016. The average monetary value of a skin is estimated at around $9.75.

by V Doctor

Nintendo Hosts Celebrities At 2016 E3 Gaming Convention

'Rocket League' Latest News & Update: Counter-Strike System Coming To Control Online Gambling, Will It Affect The Game?

The new loot crates will alter the aesthetic form of "Rocket League" and Psyonix assures that it won't be used on betting sites.

by Jeanne Anne

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