‘Destiny’ Players Annoyed with Trials of Osiris

‘Destiny’ Players Annoyed with Trials of Osiris

Players of hit game Destiny has brought their demise online complaining about cheaters. Reports of DDoS attacks and message spamming have filled gaming threads.

by Jeanvan

Gamescom 2015

'Overwatch' News and Update: Blizzard Resolves Issues After DDoS Attack; Was the Incident an Act of Revenge?

"Overwatch" players experienced game disruptions on Aug. 2 and it seems that the glitches were not a technical problem on Blizzard Entertainment's end. It was revealed that the game was hit with DDoS attack which downed servers, making it inaccessible to gamers.

by Louise Bonquin

Annual E3 Gaming Conference In Los Angeles

‘Overwatch’ News & Update: Blizzard Servers Down For Second Time In Three Days, Is It Lizard Squad DDOS Attack?

Blizzard's server authentication issue has plagued "Overwatch" players once more and Lizard Squad seemed to claim responsibility.

by Bernie Yanson

EVE Online

EVE Online and Dust 514 servers recover from DDoS attack

EVE Online and Dust 514 developer CCP managed to restore the games' Tranquility servers over the weekend following a significant DDoS attack.

by Mike Andronico

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