'FIFA 18': Japanese Nintendo Switch Commercial Possibly Shows Gameplay

'FIFA 18': Japanese Nintendo Switch Commercial Possibly Shows Gameplay

With just a few more weeks until the Nintendo Switch becomes officially available, Nintendo has been sharing more information and showcasing some of its upcoming games.

by Michael Augustin

Nintendo's Dragon Quest IX Experience At The WIRED Cafe - Day 3

‘Dragon Quest’ Release Date, Gameplay News & Update: Everything Need To Know About ‘Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time’

Here's everything you need to know about Square Enix's latest "Dragon Quest" game.

by Ceage Sotto

Dragon Quest Heroes

Action RPG Dragon Quest Heroes Lands In North America Later This Year, But You Can Preorder It Now

Square Enix is now accepting pre-orders for Dragon Quest Heroes, the new action RPG title which will be heading to America later this year. The game will be exclusive to PS4.

by Steve Buja

Limited Edition Dragon Quest PS4

The Limited Edition 'Dragon Quest Heroes' Metallic Gray PS4 Comes Will A Metal Slime You Can Plug Into Your Console For Some Reason

It was announced this week that Dragon Quest Heroes, an arena combat spin-off for the RPG series akin to what Hyrule Warriors is to Zelda, would be coming to Japanese PlayStation 4s sometime in 2015. Little did we know what this would really mean for the console.

by Connor Sears

Dragon Quest Heroes

Dynasty Quest? Dragon Warriors? New Dragon Quest Heroes Takes A Page From Dynasty Warriors

Dragon Quest, the long running and ever popular JRPG is getting a major facelift. Omega Force, the company responsible for the Dynasty Warriors franchise, will be handling the development of the brand new title Dragon Quest Heroes.

by Steve Buja

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