'SimCity' Woes Lead To Free Games

Offline mode 'being explored' for SimCity, but no guarantees

Patrick Buechner, Maxis General Manager - "We have a team specifically focused on exploring the possibility of an offline mode. I can't make any promises on when we will have more information, but we know this is something that many of our players have been asking for."

by Luke Caulfield

The Sims 4

Teaching an old dog new tricks: Maxis confirms The Sims 4 won't be always online, or have DRM

Maxis and EA are adapting to the audience in the wake of the SimCity launch fiasco

by Luke Caulfield

John Carmack QuakeCon 2013

Carmack talks Xbox One’s DRM policies, upgraded GPU, and graphics

To paraphrase Adam Orth, this is the future. Get used to it.

by Prarthito Maity

Xbox One

What Microsoft's DRM, always online policy nix switch proved? [Opinion]

The house that Windows built may have set new standards that the industry will feel for years to come.

by Ural Garrett

New Xbox 360

Microsoft introduces new Xbox 360 model at E3 2013

Microsoft is offering 3 different Xbox models that will be available in the next few months, as well as an array of bonus offers to keep the Xbox 360 going longer.

by Luke Caulfield


Xbox One and Playstation 4 receive jabs from Redbox over used games DRM

Video game rental retailer Redbox has started a campaign focused on next gen consoles. The retailer has opened up a website to hear what gamers think about issues such as DRM on Xbox One and Playstation 4 games.

by James Dohnert


Xbox One and PS4 targets of NeoGAF's No DRM Phase 2 campaign in June

Online gaming community NeoGAF plans on letting their voice be heard by making a vocal stand against Xbox One and Playstation 4's potential DRM policies.

by Mike Andronico

PlayStation 4

Sony Reacts To Angry PS4 Fans’ 'No DRM' Campaign

#PS4NoDRM campaign targets Sony. Company remains vague on what DRM on the PlayStation 4 will entail.

by Binu Paul

Kinect sensor for Windows

Microsoft Responds To Kinect's Rumored Use of Visual DRM On Xbox One

Will Xbox One also play the role of Big Brother? Microsoft officially dodges answer.

by Ural Garrett

Xbox 720

Always-Online Xbox: Gamers Will Roll Over And ‘Deal With It’ Because They Always Have [PREDICTIONS]

Remember when people were complaining about 'SimCity' and 'Diablo III' being always on? They stopped because they're too busy playing the games.

by Trevor Ruben

Adam's Rough Roads

Microsoft "Responds" to Adam Orth's 'Deal With It' Twitter Comments

Microsoft's stays mum on Next Xbox. Leaves Adam Orth twisting in the wind.

by Luke Caulfield

The Witcher 3

Well Done, CD Projekt Red: Developer Confirms No DRM For 'The Witcher 3'

'The Witcher 3' devs actually listen to fans. How quaint.

by Luke Caulfield

Electronic Arts

EA Declares Always Online DRM 'A Failed Dead End'

Move follows massive launch failure of 'SimCity.' Will other publishers finally see the light?

by Luke Caulfield

Xbox 720

In Support Of An Always-Online Xbox 720 [OPINION]

Microsoft, gamers and developers alike can find peace in a connected universe. Can you?

by Trevor Ruben

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