‘Gears of War 4’ Update: Fresh Contents Missed Important Element

‘Gears of War 4’ Update: Fresh Contents Missed Important Element

“Gears of War 4” is expected to add maps in the game more than just remakes of existing maps. In the meantime, the developers are adding new content in the form of an update this month.

by Mia P.

Gears of War 4 Valentine's Day Event Brings New Maps, More - IGN News

'Gears Of War 4’ Valentine’s Day Event Includes New Maps & Valentines Inspired Rewards

Microsoft announces a Valentine's Day event for "Gears of War 4" and it comes with new content including new maps, characters and game mode.

by Allan

2012 Consumer Electronics Show Showcases Latest Technology Innovations

‘Gears Of War 4’ Latest News & Update: Guide On How To Spot Collectibles & Tips On The Best Places To Look

Now that you know there are 50 collectibles in “Gears of War 4,” the next question would be how should the player know what collectible he has found.

by AASalvador

2016 Panorama NYC - Day 3

‘Gears of War 4’ Latest News & Update: Hip-Hop Duo Run The Jewels To Be Playable Characters In Game; Be Like EL-P Or Killer Mike

The hip-hop duo, which features Killer Mike and EL-P, will be joining the game soon as playable characters in multiplayer and Horde mode.

by V Doctor

Microsoft Holds Its Xbox 2016 Briefing During Annual E3 Gaming Conference

‘Gears of War 4’ Latest News & Update: New Patches To Bring Several Fixes & Stricter Penalties For Quitters

"Gears of War 4" will also showcase competitive/core lobbies in a later update.

by V Doctor

Xbox & Gears Of War 4 New York Launch Event At The Microsoft Loft - Day 2

'Gears Of War 4' Latest News & Update: The Coalition Addresses Xbox One Hitching Issues, 'Gears Of War 5' In The Making?

After addressing the hitching issue in "Gears Of War 4," is The Coalition developing "Gears Of War 5?"

by LA Zamora

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