Google ARG Ingress Introduces Objective-Based Mission Mode

Google ARG Ingress Introduces Objective-Based Mission Mode

Niantic Labs, the developer behind Google's augmented reality game Ingress, announced today that they will be introducing a new Missions feature in their hit mobile game as the app reaches its 7 millionth mobile install.

by Connor Sears

HTC One M8 Review

Next Google Nexus Tablet Will Be Made By HTC, New Report Says

Notable smartphone manufacturer HTC will be teaming up with Google to create a new 9-inch Nexus tablet.

by Connor Sears


Heard About Ingress? New Video Lets Players Explain What Google's ARG Is And How It Works

If you keep up closely with Google news – or just happen to hang around tech-savvy Pacific Northwest types – you may have heard about Ingress, an augmented reality game published by Google for Android and iOS.

by Connor Sears

Android One

The World's About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller As Google Introduces Android One For Populations Without Smartphones

Google announced today a new line of smartphones called Android One, a series of cheaper devices meant to get smartphones into the hands of people across South Asia.

by Connor Sears


Gmail Password Hack Reported, But Google Says There Is No Reason To Worry

Russian hackers have gotten their hands on as many as 5 million Gmail passwords, but you likely don't have too much reason to worry.

by Matthew Buzzi


Google Must Pay $19 MIllion To Angry Parents

The Federal Trade Commission ruled yesterday that Google has to pay parents $19 million in compensation for in-app purchases their kids made. The FTC has been investigating complaints since 2011, and it found that Google made it too easy for children to buy stuff in apps without their parents' approval.

by Barry Eitel


Google X Is Flying Delivery Drones In Australia

Google is joining Amazon in the race to perfect the delivery drone. The company is conducting tests for its "Project Wing" drone delivery service in the wilds of Australia, according to an exclusive in The Atlantic published last week.

by Barry Eitel


Google Planning Multiple Updates To Operating System for Wearables

Google is planning on releasing several updates to its Android Wear mobile operating system for wearable technology, unveiled for the first time earlier this year. Android Wear is already finding plenty of homes, including the Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola and the G Watch R from South Korea's LG.

by Barry Eitel


What Hath Gamergate Wrought? PewDiePie Shuts Off Comments

Emperor of YouTube PewDiePie has shut off his comments in light of their worsening quality. Instead, he will communicate with his fans on Reddit and Twitter.

by Luca Saitta

Moto 360

Google Is Launching Several Updates For Android Wear This Year, Planning To Include GPS Support And Custom Watch Faces

Google is planning to implement a whole host of updates to their wearable OS Android Wear, and they gave ideas about what consumers can expect in a recent interview with CNET.

by Connor Sears


Amazon Buys Twitch For $970 Million

Amazon have completed the purchase of video game streaming service Twitch for $970 million.

by Barry Eitel


The Google X Autonomous Car Project Will Break the Law

The team behind Google's self-driving car project claim that the robots inside will break the speed limit to keep up with surrounding traffic, according to a report from Reuters.

by Barry Eitel

Google Glass

Google Apparently Working On Less Obvious Glass Design

Google is working on a normal-looking pair of their infamous Glass headset, according to a patent that was granted to the company last week.

by Barry Eitel

Google Photo Sphere

Capture All Angles Of Your Surroundings With Photo Sphere For iOS

Panorama photos are not exactly a novel concept for smartphones. But Google's Photo Sphere, out now for iOS, takes panorama to the next level.

by Connor Sears

Android TV Controller

Check Out Google's Controller For IAndroid TV

A photo of the controller for Android TV has appeared online, showing off one of the ways you can input commands into Google's new media streaming service.

by Matthew Buzzi

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