Visa Card Latest News & Update: Gone In Six Seconds! Research Claims Debit Or Credit Card Can Be Hacked!

Visa Card Latest News & Update: Gone In Six Seconds! Research Claims Debit Or Credit Card Can Be Hacked!

Researchers claim that Visa debit and credit card can be hacked in just six seconds.

by M PEO

Transportation of San Francisco

Cyber Security Latest News & Updates : Hackers Held San Francisco Light Railway System For Ransom

The San Francisco Railway system was hit by a ransomware and hackers are demanding a ransom of 100 Bitcoins.



Dropbox Denies Hack, Blames Other Web Services And Users Who Repeat Their Passwords

According to Dropbox, the supposed hack of the cloud storage service--which was reported yesterday to have leaked several hundred emails and passwords--was not a breach of the company itself, but of other services.

by Matthew Buzzi


Gmail Password Hack Reported, But Google Says There Is No Reason To Worry

Russian hackers have gotten their hands on as many as 5 million Gmail passwords, but you likely don't have too much reason to worry.

by Matthew Buzzi

iPhone 5

Developers Believe Breach in 'Find My iPhone' Used for Celeb Photo Leak

Over the Labor Day weekend, hackers uncovered and released dozens of NSFW images of celebrities, supposedly gleaned from their phones, onto the web. The leak launched even more think pieces about sexuality, morality and whether or not the breach constitutes a sex crime.

by Barry Eitel

JP Morgan Chase

Five Major U.S. Banks Hacked by Russians, Customer Data Stolen

Russian hackers have attacked the computer systems of five major American banking institutions, including JP Morgan Chase. The hackers were able to nab terabytes of personal data of the bank's customers.

by Barry Eitel

Xbox One Loading Screen

Xbox One a Step Closer to Homebrew Games as Console is Cracked

If you'd rather glaze over the tech talk, it means Microsoft is on the verge of dirtying its very expensive drawers.

by Luke Caulfield

Watch Dogs ATM

Pacifists Can Play Watch Dogs, Too

Watch Dogs Senior Director Dominic Guay - "About 95% of missions you can completely stealth through, or flee or chase without having to shoot...There are a very few, very limited amount of missions that will force you to kill people."

by Luke Caulfield

Saints Row IV

Boost your hacking skill in Saints Row 4

What you'll have to do to get fast access to a reward to make computer espionage that much easier, and your pockets that much deeper.

by Luke Caulfield


Ubisoft website hacked, account information accessed. Time to change your passwords. Again

Ubisoft's uPlay service went unharmed during a recent hack, but the company is recommending users change their passwords used to access any Ubisoft site.

by Luke Caulfield

Sony to Ban Hackers

Accused PlayStation Hacker Gets Year Of House Arrest, Probation

Todd Miller was punished for destroying his computers machines and disposing his hard drives before the authorities could return with a search warrant. He was accused of hacking the PlayStation Network in 2008.

by Binu Paul

The War Z

'The War Z' Publisher Says Hack Didn't Affect Passwords; Wonders What To Do With Cheaters

'The War Z' tries to move on after hacking attack. Thinks about putting cheaters in server 'jails.'

by Kamau High

The War Z

'The War Z' Goes Offline After Hack

'The War Z's' forums and databases are the victims of a hack. Users urged to change passwords.

by Kamau High

Xbox Live Hacked

'High-Profile' Xbox Live Employee Accounts Compromised in Security Hack

Microsoft says a third-party vendor is at fault. Hacker Phobia is thought to be behind the attacks.

by Trevor Ruben

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