Amazon Echo Vs Google Home Specs & Features Review: Google Smart Speaker Catches Up

Amazon Echo Vs Google Home Specs & Features Review: Google Smart Speaker Catches Up

The comparison between Amazon Eco and Google Home is revealed.

by LJ Joseph

Hackers used internet-connected devices to launch website attacks

Did Hackers Use Internet-Connected Home Devices to Attack Popular Websites?

On Friday, web-connected home devices were used by hackers and released a malware called Mirai to launch attacks on websites.

by Cores Grace Malaay

Pokemon Go will soon be available in India.

‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Updates: Pokemon Hunting Banned In Iran

Niantic has given the world something to think about with “Pokemon GO” though they may have overlooked the security of the ones playing their game. Various reports of accidents and trespassing have been out since it debuted and now a whole country has banned it for such.

by Snooky Grawls


Watch President Obama Discuss Increasing Nationwide Access To High Speed Internet Via Livestream

President Obama is set to speak about America's broadband internet access issues today, and you can watch his conference live online.

by Matthew Buzzi


Marriott Petitions FCC To Allow Prevention Of Personal W-iFi And Mobile Hotspots On Its Premises, Major Companies Opposed

The Marriott hotel chain is seeking to block personal Wi-Fi and mobile hotspots on its premises, asking the FCC to allow it control of any networks it does not want accessed.

by Matthew Buzzi


Obama Supports Net Neutrality In New Statement, Urges FCC To Treat Internet As Utility Under Title II

President Obama has thrown his weight behind the campaign for net neutrality, urging the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider its classification of the internet.

by Matthew Buzzi

Reset The Net

NSA Protest 'Reset The Net' Planned For June 5 With Support Of Reddit, Amnesty International, Imgur And More

A campaign called "Reset The Net" is being run to support the protection of real internet privacy following the Edward Snowden leaks that revealed secret information collection carried out by the NSA.

by Matthew Buzzi

WTF Podcast

Podcast Hour: WTF with Marc Maron

Stand-up comedian shares emotionally charged discussions with the hallmarks of pop culture.

by James Dohnert

Olathe, KS

First Major Google Fiber Expansion Into New Territory Gets Approval

Olathe, Kansas City Council approves installation of lightning-fast web service.

by Trevor Ruben

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