Peacekeeper Reportedly Banned From 'For Honor' Tournaments

Peacekeeper Reportedly Banned From 'For Honor' Tournaments

Reports have apparently confirmed that the Peacekeeper character from "For Honor" will be banned from professional tournaments.

by Michael Augustin

Official Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

Layoffs Amidst Financial Success For Activision

Earning around $6.61 billion in revenue, Activision reportedly considered 2016 as its best year ever.

by Michael Augustin


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare MLG Open Tournament Results: Who Took Home The $10,000 Prize?

The first Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MLG tournament took place last night, with a $25,000 prize pool and $10,000 award for the winners on the line.

by Matthew Buzzi

Halo The Master Chief Collection

Halo PAX Prime Showdown Recap: Competitive Halo Is Back

The Halo PAX Prime Showdown was a definitive success. Thousands tuned in to watch the livestream over the weekend, the matches were often intense and entertaining, and the star players put on performances worthy of highlight reels.

by Matthew Buzzi


MLG App For Xbox One Launches Today Ahead Of The MLG Championship

The official MLG Xbox app, one of those announced in Microsoft's reveal of 46 new "entertainment experiences", has officially launched today.

by Matthew Buzzi

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghost Players Compete for $1 Million on Xbox One This March

Championship will be the first competitive prizing event tournament on the Xbox One

by Luke Caulfield

Black Ops 2 DLC Apocalypse

Latest Call of Duty DLC, Apocalypse, premieres on MLG tomorrow

6 PM, Saturday, August 24th. Links inside...

by Luke Caulfield

Infinite Crisis

DC's Infinite Crisis MOBA fights its way to MLG lineup

Everyone loves superheroes. Even more people love League of Legends. A game combining the two of them should have "huge hit" written all over it. At least, Major League Gaming seems to think so, as the competitive gaming league has added Infinite Crisis to their lineup.

by Mike Andronico

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