Oculus Ditches E3 2017 Attendance

Oculus Ditches E3 2017 Attendance

Gaming fans always anticipate the Oculus Rift every year during E3.

by Michael Augustin

$500 Million Awarded To ZeniMax In Lawsuit Over The Oculus Rift - GS News Update

Halt Occulus Rift Sales, Zenimax Files Sales Injunction

It seems like The Oculus Rift's legal troubles have not ended as Zenimax seeks to stop the sales of the popular VR headset.

by Michael Augustin

Robinson: The Journey Official Launch Trailer

'Robinson: The Journey' Offers Crytek VR Adventure Game; Playable On Oculus in January 2017

"Robinson: The Journey" is finally coming to Oculus this January.

by Olivia Cavallaro

TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014 - Day 1

Oculus Latest News & Update: Facebook Splits Oculus Into Two Groups; Oculus Boss Brendan Iribe Steps Down

Oculus boss Brendan Iribe steps down to lead the new Oculus group for PC VR.

by LJ Joseph

PlayStation VR Review

‘Virtual Reality May Just Be the Next Best Thing’ Xbox Co-Founder Agrees

3D Gaming may just be a thing of the past as the gaming industry is slowly moving to the virtual world, and Otto Berkes couldn't agree more. Otto Berkes is one of the pioneers who has been pushing the gaming industry for the past several years. Along with Seamus Blackley, Ted Hase, and Kevin Bachus, Berkes founded the Xbox in 1998.

by Kevin Panganiban

Annual E3 Gaming Conference In Los Angeles

‘Oculus’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Developers Do Not Appear Fazed With Speculated Issues, Potential Fragmentation Among Game Developers

Head of Content of Oculus Jason Rubin went all out in revealing details that fans have been frequently asking.

by V Doctor

Samsung At Austin City Limits Music Festival 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge News & Update: Oculus Releases Gear VR Update to Address Battery Drain Issues

Oculus has released an update that addresses battery drain issues concerning the Gear VR for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge users.

by Olivia Cavallaro

Annual E3 Gaming Conference In Los Angeles

Oculus Defends Controversial Exclusivity Deals

After a slew of bad press about the reveal that it pays off developers to remain exclusive in its VR store, Oculus has spoken up in its defense.

by Anton Chua

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift System Requirements Announced: Your PC Should Be This Powerful To Enter Virtual Reality

Oculus has finally revealed the required specs for its Rift VR headset, letting PC gamers everywhere know exactly what it will take to use the retail version of the device.

by Matthew Buzzi

Oculus Connect Logo

Oculus Announces Virtual Reality And Rift Conference 'Oculus Connect'

Virtual reality company Oculus has announced a developer conference aiming to attract new software to its Rift platform and promote VR technology.

by Matthew Buzzi

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