"Pokemon Go" Glitch News & Update: Pokemon Monsters Turn Giant; Incorrect Notification Vibration Bug

Compared to when the game was launched, the hype for “Pokemon GO” has died down. However, the company still has faithful users and they still are making 2 million on daily basis. Anyhow, the users that continued to play the game noticed an annoying glitch which turns the user's buddy Pokemon into a giant which will block their map for a few seconds.

by Kristine Garcia

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up

‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Ivysaur Bug Fix! Players Reporting Bug Problem with Caterpie, Charmander & Horsea too!

A group of Redditors have detected a glitch with the rare Pokemon Ivysaur. They found out that loading Ivysaur’s 3D model leads to a “Pokemon GO” game crash. Users have also reported all Pokemon simply disappearing from the map or a frozen white screen. The thing also applies for 3D models shown during inspection of a Pokemon in a player’s Pokedex or in the Pokemon storage.

by Ritwik Roy

Pokemon Go Launches In Japan

‘Pokemon GO’ Bug in Gyms Frustrate Players; Trainers Holding Affected Gyms Finding It Helpful Though

Niantic is having a hard time as complaints of a new “Pokemon GO” bug in gyms are resulting in zero Pokemon sightings. The issue has been reported worldwide and players are eagerly waiting for a fix.

by Ritwik Roy

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

'Pokemon GO' News & Update: Bug Leads To Zero Pokemon Sightings In Poke Gyms; No Quick Fix Available?

"Pokemon Go" trainers who are currently holding affected gyms will find the bug very helpful, since they can claim it for a longer period of time

by V Doctor

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Updates: Will ‘Nearby’ System And ‘Sightings’ Make Your Tracking More Exciting?

‘Pokemon GO’ News and Update: Niantic Promises New Patch to Make Catching Pokemon Easy Again; Battery Saver Mode is on the Way for iOS Users

"Pokémon GO" is undoubtedly the biggest mobile game in the world now, but this does not mean that the game would be bug-proof. Like most games out there, it will also experience glitches that can negatively affect the whole gameplay.

by Louise Bonquin

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