New 'Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age' Updates & Footage From Taipei Game Show 2017

New 'Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age' Updates & Footage From Taipei Game Show 2017

Compared to other "Final Fantasy" titles, "Final Fantasy XII" appears to be a less-discussed chapter of the popular RPG franchise.

by Michael Augustin

Red Dead Revolver Walkthrough Gameplay - Intro Red Harlow - Part 1

‘Red Dead Revolver' Latest News & Update: Game Arrives On PS4; Apparently, Sony Has Backwards Compatibility For Console

PS2 original game "Red Dead Revolver" arrives on the PS4 console.

by Staff Reporter

IFA Consumer Electronics Trade Fair

Sony announces next PS2 Classic ‘Primal’ as next title for PS2-on-PS4 service

Sony may not have the similar feature that Microsoft’s Xbox One has in the ‘backwards-compatibility feature’ but they have found an alternative way through their PS2-on-PS4 service. So far they have amassed quite a number of classic PS2 titles and the next one in line is the 2003 classic ‘Primal’.

by Snooky Grawls

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI Is Coming To Your Phone

Square Enix has inked a new deal with games giant Nexon to bring the long running MMO Final Fantasy XI to mobile devices in 2016.

by Steve Buja

Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Was Almost An Entirely Different Game

Games go through changes between pitch and release. This isn't new information, it's just the way things are. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is one of the games that went through a substantial amount of changes. It was Silent Hill: Cold Heart and a drastically different game to begin with.

by Donyae

Call of Duty: Ghosts' Odd Covers

A Tour of the Weird and Wacky Versions of Iraqi PlayStation 2 Box Art

From Call of Duty to Bloody Roar, Iraqi "artists" have a very different idea of how to best represent popular games.

by Luke Caulfield


Rockstar's PS2 Classics Manhunt and The Warriors Coming to PSN

Warriors, come out and plaaaaaaayyy. The Warriors and Manhunt are almost here.

by Luke Caulfield


PlayStation 2: Best of a Bygone Era; Top 10 PS2 Titles

Saluting the history of the PS2 with some of our personal faves. In no particular order we highlight the best of the best.

by Luke Caulfield

GameStop Stops all PlayStation 2-related trade-ins

GameStop To Stop Accepting PlayStation 2 Trade-Ins From June 1; End Of An Era For A Beloved Console

GameStop's decision to stop accepting trade-ins will apply to all PS2 games, accessories and consoles. Store display unit tells the sad tale.

by Binu Paul

PS4 Logo

Sony Patent: Older Playstation Games May Have Trophies on Sony's PS4

PS1, PS2 and even early PS3 games to possibly get trophies. Does this make you want one more?

by Trevor Ruben

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