'Psychonauts 2' Boss Guide: How to Defeat Maligula, Truheltia Memonstria, Die-Briarian, and MORE

'Psychonauts 2' Boss Guide: How to Defeat Maligula, Truheltia Memonstria, Die-Briarian, and MORE

In Psychonauts 2, players will control Raz in clearing every disturbed human psyche by defeating physical manifestations of their thoughts. Along their progression, they need to face five Bosses, and defeat them in order to clear the game.

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'Psychonauts 2' Cruller’s Correspondence Collectibles Locations Guide: Where to Find Them ALL

A platformer game in its form, Psychonauts 2 has stages that has a lot of collectibles for players to look for and collect. One of these stages is the "Cruller's Correspondence," which holds the said collectibles such as Emotional Baggage, Half-A-Minds, Memory Vaults, and Nuggets of Wisdom.

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'Psychonauts 2' Figments Collectibles Guide: Where to Locate Them in Bob's Bottles, Cassie's Collection

In Psychonauts 2, players need to collect "Figments" along the way in every stage. These collectibles can help them during their progression in the game, as collecting 100 of them can level up Raz's PSI Cadet Level.

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'Psychonauts 2' Guide: How to Switch Psychic Powers, Repeat Missions

Raz's psychic abilities is an important part of Psychonauts 2, as he can use these in combatting enemies, as well as for several circumstances in the stage. In order to use them efficiently, players need to consider on what powers they need for him to equip. Aside from that, they will also have a chance to revisit missions using a machine that they need to unlock.

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'Psychonauts 2' Gone Gold: Release Date, Preorder, Pre-Download Details

The developers of Psychonauts 2 have announced that the game has "gone gold" or its master copy is ready for mass production once it is finished. The said announcement was made as the game was waiting for its August 25th release.

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Psychonauts 2 Trailer

'Psychonauts 2' Development Update: New Publisher & Gameplay Footage

Their recent release of "Headlander" was met with favorable reviews.

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Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

'Psychonauts' Now Playable On PlayStation 4 After Sony Release Date Error

Sony has released "Psychonauts" just shortly after an erroneous announcement.

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Psychonauts is Coming to PlayStation 4, Psychonauts 2 on its way!

Psychonauts, the cult classic is back, not it's going to be available in Playstation 4! Psychonauts 2 is under development.

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System Shock 2

'System Shock 2' And 'I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream' On Deep Discount During The GOG.com Weekend Sale

Several of the finest examples of genre gaming are on sale for 75% off all weekend on GOG.com; System Shock 2, I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, and Psychonauts!

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Innovative Adventure! A Tim Schafer Retrospective

Innovative Adventure! A Tim Schafer Retrospective: Part Two- Psychonauts

In honor of the upcoming release of Grim Fandango Remastered, we're going to be taking a look at all the games Tim Schafer, nerd-hero-number-one, has directed. For day two, ready your psyches, because we're heading into the mind of the man himself in Psychonauts.

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