'Street Fighter V': Kolin Officially Available As DLC

'Street Fighter V': Kolin Officially Available As DLC

The second DLC character for "Street Fighter V" Season 2 has become available for players to purchase with fighter money or unlock with their season pass.

by Michael Augustin

SFV: Kolin Reveal Trailer

Street Fighter V: Latest Season 2 Character Reveal Details

Ever since Capcom's announcement of their planned Season 2 DLC for Street Fighter V last year, they apparently did a great job of keeping the rest of the upcoming characters secret.

by Michael Augustin

The contestants will have to survive in the chilling forest of Siberia

Upcoming Russian Reality TV Show Allowed The Contestants To Rape And Murder

the "Game 2 : Winters" will be allowing his contestants to rape and murder

by Sunidhi

Expedition 50 Soyuz Launch

NASA Latest News & Update: Soyuz Rocket Launched To International Space Station; Oldest Woman & First French In Space On Board

Soyuz spacecraft launches to International Space Station carrying three crew members.

by LJ Joseph

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