Socialmatic Camera Will Combine Instagram and Polaroid in 2014

Socialmatic Camera Will Combine Instagram and Polaroid in 2014

The Socialmatic allows you to enjoy Instagram and Facebook photo sharing without a smartphone. The Polaroid-esque print-outs are a bonus.

by Mike Andronico

Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928 Launched: What Does This Verizon Exclusive Phone Mean For Mobile Gamers?

Verizon's newest phone - Nokia Lumia 928 - packs a punch for photographers, but it also has plenty to offer for gamers as well.

by Brandy Shaul

Facebook Home

Facebook Home Revealed: What's It All About? [RUMOR]

Facebook Home will be the "First" on HTC.

by Prarthito Maity


HTC One: Five Basic Reasons Why You Should Go For It

HTC One is a phone that just begs to be loved.

by Prarthito Maity


Why Consoles Have Nothing To Fear From Mobile Gaming [OPINION]

Smartphone and handhelds are nifty but consoles have nothing to fear. It will be a long time before they're considered a viable threat to the console market.

by Luke Caulfield

Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Revealed: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung's Galaxy S4 release date, news and specs. Also, what gamers need to know.

by Michael Epstein

Galaxy S4 Teaser

Galaxy S4 Allegedly Leaks Ahead of Reveal [RUMOR]

Video of Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone shows off a five inch screen and a thinner bezel. Looks perfect for playing games on.

by Michael Epstein


Is Nintendo Testing The Smartphone App Waters?

With low sales numbers and an upcoming Miiverse app, Nintendo could be turning into a whole new animal

by Luke Caulfield

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