Snap Camera ‘Cartoon Style’ Filter: How to Use it to Turn Your Face into a Cartoon Character

Snap Camera ‘Cartoon Style’ Filter: How to Use it to Turn Your Face into a Cartoon Character

Snap Camera' "Cartoon Style" Filter have become an internet craze in the recent days, especially when video calls became a necessity in this time and age. With this filter, users can become a real life embodiement of a Disney Pixar character in their video calls.

by Staff Reporter

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Snapchat Latest News & Update: New Group Chat Feature Announced In Time For The Holidays

Snapchat's Group feature enable users to chat with up to 16 friends and customize stickers and draw on selfies.

by CJ Estimada

Snapchat Spectacles review

Snapchat Spectacles Latest News, Updates & Specs: What Do Reviewers Think Of The New Wearable Tech From Snapchat?

The new Snapchat Spectacles want you to keep uploading snaps.

by Joe Marsalis

Facebook Secrets You Need To See

Facebook 2016 Latest News & Update: Mark Zuckerberg-led Company Launches New Location Frames Feature Like Snapchat; Which Is Better?

Facebook just upped its photo game with the the addition of customized location frames very much similar to the ones offered by rival social media app Snapchat. Will this new feature draw more people to favor Facebook over Snapchat?

by Jen Key

First look: Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles News: What You Do Not Want To Know About The Coolest Glasses; Here’s How To Get Your Hands On Them!

Reports had it that it that Snapchat Spectacles have already take the market from the Google Glass?

by AASalvador

Advertising Week New York 2016 - Day 1

Snapchat Latest News & Update: Social Networking Site Undergoes Transformation To Compete With Facebook? Details Here

Snapchat is all set to make a brilliant comeback with latest trends and features after being overshadowed by Facebook for a long time.

by Susmita Pathak Mishra


Snapchat Spectacles Latest News & Update: Where Can You Get Limited Spectacles In New York? New Review Reveals Fun Experience

Snapchat Spectacles are now on sale at Snapbot vending machine placed at Manhattan, New York.

by LJ Joseph

Snapchat Spectacles sold in Catoosa

Snapchat Latest News & Update: Spectales On Sale At Catoosa Blue Whale; Sunglasses Now At $3500 On Ebay

Snapchat Spectacles are now on sale at Catoosa Blue Whale.

by LJ Joseph


Snapchat Latest News & Update: Newest Snapbot Location Revealed; Spectacles Are Now On Sale At Big Sur, California

Snapchat Spectacles are now on sale at Big Sur State Park, California.

by LJ Joseph


Where To Buy Snapchat's Spectacle? Here's What We Know So Far

Know where to buy Snap Inc.'s Spectacle.

by Anna So

Snapchat launches World Lenses that augment the environment

Snapchat World Lens: How It Works and How To Use It

Snapchat has just released their new World Lens and its a must download for every one. It gives the user a new kind of camera experience that's worth sharing on social media account.

by Allan B.

Snapchat 'World Lenses' warp your reality

Snapchat Update: Augmented Reality Lenses Released; Not Just For Human Faces Anymore

Augmented Reality World Lenses released for Snapchat Users. The App is not just for human faces anymore.

by LJ Joseph

Facebook Exhibits Technologies At Innovation Hub

Facebook Latest News & Update: New Features Similar To Snapchat Filters; Will Users Be Impressed?

Facebook clones Snapchat's face filters and ephemeral photo messages

by Jason Glenn

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