Oculus Rift Latest News & Updates: VR Headset Update For Xbox One Streaming Available Next Month

Oculus Rift Latest News & Updates: VR Headset Update For Xbox One Streaming Available Next Month

Xbox One streaming now comes to Oculus Rift nearly 18 months after it was first featured.

by Samille Jan Abada

HBO Sampler

HBO Sampler Offers Free Episodes To Blu-ray Customers

HBO is continuining to move away from the traditional television model, and has announced a new offer for Blu-ray customers.

by Matthew Buzzi

Orphan Black

Amazon Releases Instant Video Releases For February- New Movies And TV Shows On The Way

Amazon Prime is great. I think everyone can agree on that. If you have it for the free shipping but haven't checked out their movie line up, make February the month you do so. The company has released its new additions for the coming month.

by Donyae

Gaming Live

Streaming Service Gaming Live Is Coming To Beta In February, Openly States It's Going After Twitch

Streaming startup Gaming Live is heading into beta, and the team is openly declaring its intent to go after Twitch's market share.

by Matthew Buzzi


4K Ultra HD Roku Streaming On The Way, Chinese Hardware Manufacturer And Netflix Announced As Partners

As expected, 4K TV is already playing a major part in CES 2015, with more companies showing off hardware and software that make use of the Ultra HD resolutions. Roku is another service joining the trend, announcing plans to support streaming 4K Ultra HD in future products.

by Matthew Buzzi


Pewdiepie May Be Leaving YouTube To Start His Own Network

YouTube streamer Pewdiepie has made millions of dollars through videos on his channel, but may be seeking an alternate solution to Google's site that will let him and other streamers keep more of the money they generate.

by Matthew Buzzi

Redbox Instant

Redbox Instant Is Dead! Long Live Redbox Instant! Fledgling Streaming Service Cancelled After 18 Months

Verizon and Redbox have decided to pull the Redbox Instant service from servers after a mere 18 months due to poor performance. It joins Blockbuster on the scrap heap of progress.

by Steve Buja

PAX Prime

PAX Prime Streaming Schedule: Keep Up With PAX News This Weekend Even If You're Not In Seattle

There's going to be plenty of video game news and events happening this weekend during PAX Prime. Fortunately, several Twitch streams will be dedicated this weekend to keeping up to date with everything going on in Seattle.

by Connor Sears

Premier League

Premier League Opening Weekend Draws 3.3 Million Viewers, Digital Streaming Of Every Game A Success

The Barclay's Premier League kicked off its 2014/15 season this weekend, and NBC Sports' excellent coverage--bolstered by the streaming of every match not shown on TV--was a hit.

by Matthew Buzzi

Comedy Central App

Comedy Central South Park, Daily Show and More Episodes Available Free on New iOS App

The comedy network released an app for all of its programming, replacing the individual apps for each show, and now offers free episodes with bonuses for subscribers.

by Matthew Buzzi


Sony's PlayStation Now Announcement to Blame for GameStop's Stock Dip?

Streaming services are a threat to brick and mortar retailers, but GameStop's recent stock drop is far from a death rattle.

by Luke Caulfield

Xbox One

Twitch Confirms Streaming Won't Hit Xbox One Until Next Year

"We are working to ensure the initial Twitch on Xbox One broadcasting experience meets the expectations of the Twitch community. So while this feature won't be available right away, we'll let you know as soon as it is ready."

by Luke Caulfield

PS4 Logo

Sony Patent: Older Playstation Games May Have Trophies on Sony's PS4

PS1, PS2 and even early PS3 games to possibly get trophies. Does this make you want one more?

by Trevor Ruben

Netflix ISP Speed Index

Netflix Launches ISP Speed Index, Gamers Feel Used

The "ISP Speed Index" from Netflix gathers data from t33 million global members to calculate who's selling the fastest internet. How do gamers stack up?

by Trevor Ruben

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