Nintendo Switch Price Update: What to Expect on The Release Date?

Nintendo Switch Price Update: What to Expect on The Release Date?

Nintendo Switch price will be announced on January 12, 2017. A cost around the $300 believed for the console.

by Gloven Ramos

Apple Unveils New Versions Of Popular iPad

iPad Mini 5 Release Date, News & Update: How Rugged And Thin Will It Be?

The iPad Mini 5 is one of the next devices expected to be out by early 2017, likely sporting a whole new look and an array of new features. Apple has not mentioned anything credible to date though one has to visualize upgrades from the current crop of iPad Minis.

by Snooky Grawls

Apple Unveils New iPad Models

iPad Air 3 Release Date, News & Update: Apple Tablet Coming Plausible? Specs & Features Revealed [POLL]

One device in Appleā€™s lineup that has so far been overlooked is the iPad Air line. With most talking about the iPhone and the MacBook, the status of a possible iPad Air 3 has been left out with many believing that it could be one of the products getting axed.

by Snooky Grawls

Samsung laptop

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin: A Tempting Foldable Windows 10 Laptop To Seriously Consider [VIDEO]

In an age where most tech companies are trying to render flexible mobile devices, Samsung enters the fray with the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin. The name alone generalizes what this laptop is all about, another option over the famed Microsoft Surface Pro or even the iPad Pro.

by Snooky Grawls

Guitar Hero Live

Is The FMV In 'Guitar Hero Live' Completely Useless? Our Impressions

Guitar Hero Live was announced at the Best Buy Theater in NYC, and we played it and enjoyed the new controller, but couldn't help but feel that the new footage for the backgrounds is pointless.

by Alex Riviello

HTC One M8 Review

Next Google Nexus Tablet Will Be Made By HTC, New Report Says

Notable smartphone manufacturer HTC will be teaming up with Google to create a new 9-inch Nexus tablet.

by Connor Sears

Skylanders Trap Team

Legendary Skylanders Toys Return

Long time Skylanders partner Toys "R" Us is getting ready for the imminent release of Skylanders Trap Team with brand new exclusive figures, discounts, and giveaways.

by Alex Riviello

Man of Steel

The Man of Steel is going mobile with a new game for Apple and Android devices

Warner Bros. announced that Superman is getting his own movie based phone for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

by Luke Caulfield

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

More 'Call of Duty' On Your iPad Is A Possibility

Will we ever see full mobile port of one of the 'Call of Duty' games? Maybe.

by Luke Caulfield

Nokia Music

Nokia Music Now Available For Windows Tablets

Nokia Music app move

by Prarthito Maity


Zynga Claims Tablets Are "Ultimate Gaming Platform"

Zynga became synonymous with Farmville spam. Now the company wants to own the tablet space.

by Luke Caulfield

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