'Terraria' 'Don't Starve Together' Deerclops Guide: How to Spawn, Defeat this Boss

'Terraria' 'Don't Starve Together' Deerclops Guide: How to Spawn, Defeat this Boss

One of the new in-game elements that was introduced in Terraria during their crosoover with Don't Starve Together is the new Boss Monster, Deerclops. In order to face this monster, they need to spawn it first.

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'Terraria' 'Don't Starve Together' Crossover Update 1.4.3 Guide: New Content, Items, Fixes, and More

The developers of Terraria announced that their latest 1.4.3 Update will focus on a crossover event between the game and Don't Starve Together, which brought in new in-game content such as new mechanics, minions, and items, as well as bug and issue fixes.

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'Terraria' 1.4 Console Update 'Journey's End' Guide: What Players Could Expect

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Terraria, the 2D sandbox action-adventure game, will release its "Journey's End" update, which was first released in its PC version, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The said update will bring new additions to the game, as well as small changes.

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Terraria Holiday Update

Terraria's Console Versions Are Feeling Festive With A New Holiday Update

A free title update has started rolling out among console versions of Terraria, adding a bit of holiday cheer to anyone playing the sandbox game this season.

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Terraria PS4

Terraria Is Finishing Up Its PS4 Port, And It's Adding Much More Than HD Graphics

Indie hit Terraria is making its way to the PlayStation 4, and the developers are working to ensure that returning players get more than just a shiny new polish on the game's looks when they upgrade.

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Trine 2

Sony Announces Free June PS Plus Titles, Update On Number Of Free Titles A Month

Sony has announced their free PS Plus Instant Game Collection titles for June along with great news- now, each PlayStation console will receive two free titles, every month. That means that PS4 owners will be getting an extra title a month and that the PS3 and Vita will never feel left out, either.

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Terraria Conquered

Here's what 10 months of dedication to Terraria looks like

The embodiment of making the world your bitch.

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'Terraria' Coming to PS Vita This Summer

Summer of the indies, not Indian summer

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