Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Defect Leads To Smoke In US Flight; Similar Incidents Reported Before

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Defect Leads To Smoke In US Flight; Similar Incidents Reported Before

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 defect in the battery has caused smoke in flight in the US, reminding the public of similar incidents that occurred before due to the same device.

by Susmita Pathak Mishra

Mobile World Congress 2013

Xiao Mi Note 2 Price, Release Date, Latest News & Updates: The Latest From Xiao Mi; Out On October 25 In Beijing!

The Chinese manufacturer already confirmed a release date for the highly anticipated gadget. "Xiao Mi Note 2" will be made available in Beijing on October 25.

by Clarice F. Bernardo

Mosul Offensive: On the frontline with Kurdish forces - BBC News

US General Says Islamic State Fighters A Brutal Opponent

An American soldier died due to a roadside bomb in Iraq. US General claimed that the IS is a brutal opponent that should be stopped.

by Samille Jan Abada

Tokyo Game Show 2010 Begins

'Dragon Ball Fusion' Is Coming To 3DS Owners In The US This December; Release Date In Europe Set On February 2017 [Check Out Trailer!]

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that handheld action-RPG "Dragon Ball Fusion" will be coming to 3DS owners in the US and Europe.

by Clarice F. Bernardo

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

Hermes Apple Watch of 2016 Updates: Features, Price, and Date of Release

After the release of iPhone 7, 2016 Apple Keynote Event announced the details of Hermes Apple Watch of 2016.

by Clarice F. Bernardo

Pokemon Go Launches In Hong Kong

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Japan To Get First Crack Over US?

The wait for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” continues as most wait on the November 18 debut. The game has gotten a lot of people anxious ever since CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara made the announcement back in February.

by Snooky Grawls

Japanese Anime Craze Hits Hong Kong

‘Pokemon Go‘ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Lure Modules Tips, Where To Find The Best PokeStop Hotspots

“Pokemon Go” is not all about trying to venture out in the wild to catch the Pokemon and loot. It is also about sharing meaning players situated in an area could gain without hoarding the bonuses.

by Snooky Grawls

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

‘Pokemon GO’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Best Places to Catch Rare Pokemons in US & UK

Here are the best places where "Pokemon GO" players can catch rare creatures.

by Staff Reporter

Pokemon Go

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Niantic Game Arriving in Europe, Asia This Week? Illegal Players, Downloaders Now Blocked?

"Pokemon Go" is reportedly going to be released in Europe and Asia within this week.

by Luis Vincent Gochoco

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