Vine Shutdown Latest Update: Twitter Said Vine Is Not Totally Shutting Down But Will Be Retooled As 'Vine Camera'

Vine Shutdown Latest Update: Twitter Said Vine Is Not Totally Shutting Down But Will Be Retooled As 'Vine Camera'

The popular app that gave us the funny Vine compilations will be retooled as the "Vine Camera."

by Ceage Sotto

Trading At The NYSE As U.S. Stocks Join Global Slide

Vine Latest News & Update: Twitter Kills Off Video Sharing App; Will It Save Social Networking Site?

Twitter to discontinue Vine mobile app ‘in the coming months’ as it reduces head count and costs.

by Jason Glenn

Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

Twitter Terminates Vine After Losing To Instagram & Snapchat; Focusing On News & Entertainment Instead

One of the main reasons that Twitter is axing Vine is its stagnancy. The company plans to lay off 350 employees and restructure to become profitable in 2017.

by V Doctor


Xbox One Vine App Released, Only Allows Video Viewing And Does Not Offer Feed Personalization

A Vine app has been released for Xbox One, bringing the hyper-short video service to Microsoft's new console.

by Matthew Buzzi

Vine camera

The New Vine Update Lets You Import Videos To Get More Creative With Your 6 Seconds

It's time to step up your Vine game. The app's latest update gives you more tools than ever to making your perfect 6-second masterpiece.

by Connor Sears

Grand Theft Auto V: Three Protagonist

Massive amount of Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay videos pop up on Vine

Yes, here thar be spoilers aplenty...

by Luke Caulfield

The Walking Dead: the Video Game

TellTale Games teases new Walking Dead characters, more info on Vine

TellTale Games follow up to the The Walking Dead Game gets spotted on Twitter's video service, Vine. The cryptic Vine video adds to other teases from the developer.

by James Dohnert

The Walking Dead video game

Walking Dead Game Season 2 teaser spotted on Vine

Telltale Games has teased a short video of Walking Dead Season 2 on Twitter's Vine. The sequel to The Walking Dead: The Game is expected to launch later this year.

by James Dohnert

Vine App Logo

Gamers Get Creative On Vine

Vine: just another way for gamers to express their love for video games.

by Brittany Gehrett

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

The Hunger Games Creates Instagram Account and Releases Catching Fire Poster

The Hunger Games stokes fan excitement with release of the official Catching Fire movie poster. Instagram account gains 42,000 fans in 6 days.

by Brittany Gehrett

Vine for Android

Vine For Android Coming Soon

Creators of Twitter's video platform Vine promise an Android version of the app soon. Are you better at Vine than Will Sasso? Probably not.

by Binu Paul

Bethesda teaser video of its new project

Bethesda Mystery Game To Be Revealed Friday

Bethesda will finally take the wraps of its next game. Maybe this one will be about cat videos on the internet?

by Trevor Ruben

Rediculous Fishing

Vlambeer's 'Rediculous Fishing' Gets First Vine Game Trailer [IOS]

Next game from "Super Crate Box" and "SpellTower" developers.

by Michael Epstein email:

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