Microsoft Unconcerned With Plagiarists and Scams

Microsoft Unconcerned With Plagiarists and Scams

The Windows app store is a "cesspool" of fake apps and scams, according to an informal inquiry by How To Geek. The website gives an abysmal rating to the app store, noting that scams parading as well-known apps were available with almost every search.

by Barry Eitel

Dead Rising 3 PC

Dead Rising 3 PC Announced, Coming Soon Via Steam

Zombie-killing action title Dead Rising 3 will be coming to PC through Steam, Capcom has announced.

by Matthew Buzzi

Undead Paradise

JL Studio's Sidescrolling Shooter Undead Paradise is Worth a Look

The zany zombie title is surprisingly deep, but still needs a little work.

by Luke Caulfield

Surface Pro w/ Stylus

Microsoft Ups Xbox Live Security With Optional Two-Step Verification

Change coming to all Microsoft products that are online. Also, change your password.

by Trevor Ruben

Halo 3

Microsoft Puts 'Halo 3' PC Port Rumors to Rest

Microsoft is not putting 'Halo 3' on the PC. Now you know.

by Luke Caulfield

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