'Overwatch' Teases 'King's Row Uprising' Event For April

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 05, 2017 05:11 AM EDT

Fresh from the official release of Orisa, fans have continued to eagerly wait for Blizzard Entertainment's next limited-time event for "Overwatch". Sources have reported that the developer has posted an updated through their official Twitter account to tease an upcoming event for the team-based shooter. The short video clip is apparently called "King's Row Uprising" and is expected to go live sometime in April.

The posted video reportedly continuously loops for around 20 seconds and supposedly contains several clues for fans to discover. "Overwatch" fans obviously assume that the in-game event will be related to the King's Row map. Game Rant notes that the "King's Row Uprising" will involve the Omnic uprising that happened seven years ago in King's Row. Gamers also speculate that the event's theme might include elements that happened prior to the current events in the game.

Several sources have already detailed their discoveries based on the looped video. Players have pointed out that the top left corner of the video shows a poster telling Omnics to register themselves. It is suspected that the mandatory robot registration causes the mechanical population to fight back against their oppressors as told by "Overwatch" lore. The bottom right corner also shows what looks like a new skin for Tracer. Meanwhile, all the other pictures are somewhat challenging to decipher as of now.

With an expected release date sometime this April, King's Row Uprising is expected to be another limited time event similar to their "Year of the Rooster" celebration. On the other hand, the developer might surprise the "Overwatch" community with something new. Other users have speculated that it might be another PVE type of event similar to their Junkentstein's Revenge mode.

Other suspicions about the King's Row Uprising" in-game event also explores the possibility of some story-mode content for "Overwatch". Polygon also points out that there are several ability icons featured in the video clip posted by Blizzard Entertainment. The event is expected to go live on April 11, 2017.

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