Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Gets Geek Celebs For Comic-Con!

George Takei, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and more! Seven geek celebs unite for the SDCC to turn Peter, Lois, Chris and Quagmire into superheroes and save Quahog.

  • Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
  • Halo: Nightfall
  • SolForge
  • Battlefield Hardline
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time
  • Destiny Characters
  • Dong Nguyen at GameLab

SDCC 2014

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NVIDIA Shield Tablet Announced: Gaming-Focused Devices Packs Powerful Hardware And Multiple Features

NVIDIA has announced the new gaming-focused Shield Tablet, which packs some powerful hardware and features.

Persona Q Gets Release Date, Premium Edition Details

The sequel to both Persona 3 and 4, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, is on its way! What's more, it's coming in a premium edition that contains a case for your Nintendo 3DS XL and tons of goodies.

Industry Analyst Predicts End Of September Launch For iPhone 6, Which Has Financial Implications For Apple

A September release would follow Apple's usual patter for phone launches, but Industry analyst Gene Munster has projected that we may not see the iPhone 6 launch until the end of the month.

Baby Mishima Drama Vol. 41451: The Return Of Jun And An Official Tekken 7 Release Date

Katsuhiro Harada, creator of the Tekken series and game director of Tekken 7, has said we can expect the latest chapter of the saga of the Mishima family and its ongoing Heihachi woes this year, but did not give a specific date.

As If You Weren't Expecting It, This Clip Proves Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Be Funny As Hell

Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel's latest venture into our collective nerd hearts and wallets, takes the adventure into deep space with its most sci-fi but also (oddly enough) most humoristic looking outing yet.

Industry Insider Tidux Claims Your PS4 Will Be Getting A Revamp This Summer

Well-known PlayStation industry insider Tidux has took to Twitter once again to reveal some interesting console tidbits concerning the machine's firmware.

New One Piece Unlimited World Red DLC Gives Robin A Somewhat Revealing Swimsuit And Plenty Of Bug-Filled Missions

Several new bits of DLC have reached the PSN and e-shop for the pirate comedy actioner One Piece Unlimited World Red.

Today, Find Yourself Amid The Ruins In The Latest Chapter Of Telltale's Walking Dead Franchise

The fourth and penultimate episode of Telltale Games' ambitious and successful The Walking Dead game, titled 'Amid The Ruins' is now available for download on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Steam.

The Starbucks Mobile App Will Allow You To Order Coffee Before You Get To The Store

Starbucks is adding a major feature to its mobile app: customers will be able to order coffee ahead of time, before they even arrive in the store.

The Last Of Us: Remastered Promises Unique Multiplayer Experience

Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic survival horror game The Last Of Us comes to the PS4 and brings with it not only a higher resolution, but also some interesting-sounding DLC in the form of Factions.

Super Smash Bros Daily Post Explains Wii U And 3DS Stage Differences and Similarities

The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS details will keep coming from Nintendo ahead of the staggered release of both versions, even after all the excitement from E3.

Xbox One Launches GoPro Channel, Showcases Butts, Pelicans

Major Nelson has just announced the launch of the Xbox One GoPro Channel, allowing users the chance to view and upload their own epic adventure videos.

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