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March Storms In Like A Lion With A Wealth Of New Video Games Every Single Week, Here's Our List Of Must-Haves

February is finally, mercifully over. May we not have another for at least a year! March of 2015 storms in like a lion with a wealth of new video game titles, and shows no sign of crawling out like a lamb. While many may not be guaranteed, "hotly anticipated" AAA smashes, there are a lot of ...

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Warhammer Quest Review: A Perfect PC Port Of The Hit iOS Strategy Game, But Is That Enough?

Warhammer Quest is now available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, a perfect port of the mobile game, which was itself an adaptation of a Games Workshop board game. It's a fantastic turn-based strategy title but does it hold up on its desktop version?

The Walking Dead And Better Call Saul Dominate AMC For March 2015

AMC has some of the most exciting programming on TV. March is sure to be a good month for fans of the channel. All the shows that are playing now have been running for a few weeks but with this month will be hitting their strides along with explosive season finales. And there are some movies too.

Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Has A Release Date

Orange is the New Black has been lacking a release date for months. Netflix only gave us that it was summer but now we have an official date thanks to Facebook.

Destiny Vault Access From Anywhere With The Companion App Works Like A Charm

Destiny's companion app was always well-made and fun to flip through, but its ultimate usefulness was up for debate. You could read Grimoire cards and see what your Guardians currently had in their posession, but the addition of remote Vault access has turned the app's necessity on its head.

Resident Evil Revelations Anchors The Week's Game Releases, But We're More Excited About White Night, Helldivers And The Other Not So Known Titles

A new month, a new week and a whole new set of games are coming our way. Let's see what this lion of a month will roar into existence this week...

Link Comes To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate This Friday As Part Of Free Monthly Update To 3DS Title

The only thing better than hearing that Capcom will be bringing new Legend of Zelda themed DLC to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is then remembering that, 'Wait a minute, I don't have to pay for any of it!'

Magic The Gathering Dragons Of Tarkir Booster Packaging Images Released: We Examine The Five New Pieces Of Art For Clues To Their Value

In a movie befitting Captain Obvious, the new Magic: The Gathering set - titled Dragons of Tarkir - features on the booster and pack art...wait for it...wait...dragons. We take a look at what these creatures may be in the forthcoming third set in the Khans of Tarkir block.

New Jurassic World Video Shows Where Dinosaurs Come From

So where do baby dinosaurs come from? The answer is, science! A video released for the movie gives a brief overview of how all the little (and not so little) reptilian wonders came to be in Jurassic World.

Epic Has Made Unreal Engine 4 Free For Developers, Will Collect A Royalty On Product Sales

The current version of one of the most powerful and popular graphics engines in gaming, Unreal 4, has been made free to license and use in development.

Well, You Can't Land A Helicopter Without A Heli-pad, So They Brought You One In The New Call Of Duty: Heroes Update

Players in Brazil and Portugal can now answer the Call, as version 1.4.1 of Call of Duty: Heroes has been localized in those languages, along with a number of other updates and fixes as part of the latest patch.

American Horror Story May Be Referencing America’s First Serial Killer For New Season

With the announcement of the new theme for American Horror Story, there have been a ton of theories as to what it could mean. The theme for the season will be Hotel and one of the most promising theories is that it will be centered around H. H. Holmes.

Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, And More Announced As PlayStation Now March Games

Sony's PlayStation Now service has received a batch of new games, refreshing the offerings for subscribers now that we've entered March.

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