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Editor Alex Riviello discusses Dark Souls II, Amazing Spiderman 2, Broforce and more!

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Latest Headlines

A Kid Had SWAT Called On Him Because He Beat Someone At 'CoD'... No, Really

File this one under ridiculous, as a kid was beating up on someone in 'Call of Duty' and had the police called on him.

See How Three 'Watch Dogs' Multiplayer Modes Look In This New Developer Video

It probably goes without saying that they look awesome, but check it out for yourself.

Family Guy's Adam West Runs For Mayor, for Real, After The Quest for Stuff Launch [VIDEO]

Mayor West is going to bring peace and prosperity to your town. Hopefully.

'Project CARS' Is Making Video Game Cars Look Very Close To Real

The game's new trailer is very impressive, showing off some hyper-realistic cars.

'Zombies, Monsters, Robots' AKA 'Hazard Ops' Closed Beta Announced- Register Now to Fight Mummies, Dinosaurs and Mutants

An absurd amount of different enemies swarm in this third person action game. Check it out for yourself in the May beta!

Curious Just How Real Next Gen Can Look? Check Out Some 'inFamous: Second Son' Photos

Using the new Photo Mode, people have taken some phenomenal next-gen photos that look very close to real life.

Skylanders 4 Trap Team to be Revealed Today at Activision NYC Event?

Activision to release the last figure in the Swap Force lineup and announce the next Skylanders title later on today.

Meet Braum: League of Legends' Latest Champion is a Huge and Mustachioed Tank

The first tank support champion in the game- Braum is a beast.

Mario Golf: World Tour DLC Announced - New Courses and Characters Coming With Mushroom, Flower, and Star Packs

Mushroom Pack and Flower Pack out in May, and Star Pack out in June. Each pack includes to new 18-hole courses and a new playable character.

Street Fighter II Stages + David Klein = World Warrior Travel Posters

If Capcom had hired a famed TWA artist for some commission work, it could've resulted in something like this...

No New Power at End of inFamous: Second Son's Paper Trail Missions, Sucker Punch Reveals

No one's more disappointed by the news than Michael Scott and David Brent.

World Customization Coming in Minecraft 1.8

Minecraft 1.8 promises to be one truly massive update, but world customization is just one of the many new features coming courtesy of the update.