Warframe Comes To Xbox One And Brings Some Cyborg Ninjas Along With It

Digital Extremes' offering, Warframe, a free to play four player co-operative online shooter is now available for download on the Xbox One. The game was released last year for Windows and PS4.

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  • Dragon Quest Heroes
  • PS4
  • Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell
  • Monkey Tales
  • Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
  • Madden 15 Tiny Linebacker Glitch

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Evoland 2 Announced, Complete With Screens Of The Newest Tribute To The History Of RPGs

Developer Shiro Games announced Evoland 2 today with a set of screens that show off the game's continuing tribute to the history of RPGs and it's new diversity in game styles.

SmartGlass App Update Pushes Gaming As Spectator Sport

With Microsoft's new SmartGlass app update, recording and sharing your gaming triumphs is easier than ever before. The latest update for the iOS, Windows Phone and Android app allows users a simpler path to post video to Twitch (now owned by Amazon) or Google's YouTube.

Federal Judges Will Rule For The First Time On NSA's Spying Program

A panel of federal judges will hear testimony this week on if the National Security Agency's mass surveillance program is Constitutional. The hearing started as a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union last summer, mere days after leaker Edward Snowden shocked the world (sort of) with thousands of documents detailing an expansive plan to monitor the phone metadata of millions of American citizens-citizens not accused or charged with any crime.

Apple is Testing A Sapphire Screen On Its 64GB iPhone 6, Says Analyst

It looks like soon you'll be able to buy an iPhone with the long-rumored sapphire screen. When Apple pulls back the curtain on their iPhone 6 models next week, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, there will be a version with a sapphire screen.

EA Access Expands In September To More Countries, Adds NHL 15 And FIFA 15 Early Access

Electronic Arts is rolling out its EA Access program in more countries, and continuing to add titles to the available selection.

Maingear Spices Up Their Lineup For Speed and Style

Maingear, maker of customized gaming PCs, added the new Intel X99 Express chipset to its desktops, expanding their performance capacity by 45 percent.

The Limited Edition 'Dragon Quest Heroes' Metallic Gray PS4 Comes Will A Metal Slime You Can Plug Into Your Console For Some Reason

It was announced this week that Dragon Quest Heroes, an arena combat spin-off for the RPG series akin to what Hyrule Warriors is to Zelda, would be coming to Japanese PlayStation 4s sometime in 2015. Little did we know what this would really mean for the console.

Tiny Town Is Preparing Warp-Drive Research, Estimated Cost: $1.1 Trillion

A tiny Canadian town launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a life-size, working model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. The town, tucked away in the Canadian badlands, has big ambitions but are a far ways from their hefty funding goal.

Tanki Online Developers Will Take On The Game's Global Community In 'Rusty Barrels' International Tournament This Friday

AlternativaPlatform, the developing team behind popular browser-based game Tanki Online announced today the return of their Battle of the Rusty Barrels tournament for this Friday, September 5, where spectators can win crystals by betting on the result.

Seven Of Nine, Tuvok And Others Join Up In Star Trek Online Expansion, Delta Rising This October

Game developer Cryptic Studios has announced the addition of three original cast members from venerable 90s show Star Trek: Voyager to the upcoming Delta Rising expansion, due out next month.

Drone Takes Sneak Peek of Apple's New Campus

A Go Pro camera attached to a drone took some snapshots of Apple's legendary "spaceship" campus currently under construction in Cupertino, California. While images of the completed project have been hoisted around by Apple, the video of the spaceship-like Campus 2 show how well the building is going.

Developers Believe Breach in 'Find My iPhone' Used for Celeb Photo Leak

Over the Labor Day weekend, hackers uncovered and released dozens of NSFW images of celebrities, supposedly gleaned from their phones, onto the web. The leak launched even more think pieces about sexuality, morality and whether or not the breach constitutes a sex crime.

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