Skylanders Doom Stone

Get Ready For an All-Out Doom Stone 'Skylanders' Battle Royale Next Week

Toys'R'Us is teaming up with Activision to give away the final 'Swap Force' figure next week, and there'll probably be some parental bloodshed as a result.

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A New 'GRID' Game Is Set To Be Announced, and Cockpit View May Be Coming

Developer Codemasters released a short teaser for the new 'GRID' game, and an announcement is coming on April 22.

Be Prepared To Get Choked Up After Watching an Old Woman Walk Outside For the Last Time Using Oculus Rift

Oculus supplied a dev kit to the granddaughter of Roberta Firstenberg, who was dying of cancer, and it allowed her to take one last stroll outside. Tissue alert: you're going to need a bunch.

It Looks Like 'Resident Evil 7' Is Coming To E3, According To a Japanese Newspaper

Japanese paper 'Sankei Shimbun' reported the news, and also reported on some discontent among Japanese PS4 users at the lack of Capcom titles for their system.

99 Cent Flash Sale Hits PlayStation Network for Easter Weekend

28 games in all for the PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PSP.

'H1Z1' News Keeps On Rolling In, As a Dev Takes To Reddit To Talk Combat

Jimmy Whisenhunt, who hosted last night's live stream of the game, answered some more questions on the game's combat system on Reddit today.

We Just Got the Xbox One April Update, and They're Already Talking About May

Here's to hoping they can solve some of the problems that haven't been addressed yet get addressed with the new update.

'The Last of Us' Will Have a Big Influence on 'Uncharted 4,' At Least In the Audio Department

A really interesting interview with Naughty Dog's audio department revealed that the studio is drawing from the audio in 'TLOU' to influence the newest Nathan Drake adventure.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Sells Over 600 Thousand in First Month

Expect the number to grow, as the number of digital downloads hasn't been revealed yet, and the 600,000 is based only on sales numbers from Japan and the U.S.

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' PS3 Bundle Announced By Sony

On the official PlayStation Twitter, Sony gave us a look at a bundle featuring everyone's favorite webslinger.

Dead Trigger 2 Celebrates Easter With Special Items Voucher

The Easter-Kill Pack includes a Speed Booster, Second Chances, Grenades, Painkillers, and Rocket Chickens.

Hear R. Lee Ermey's Berate You In Call of Duty

New video shows what the "Drill Instructor" voice pack will give you (hint- lots of grief!)

John Smedley Took To Reddit and Answered Some Pressing 'H1Z1' Questions

He unveiled the 'player servers' feature, talked about 'DayZ' and addressed a few concerns after the game's first livestream.

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