Global Game Jam

We Take A Look At Nine Of The Games Created At This Weekend's Global Game Jam 2015!

This past weekend, the Global Game Jam created some 5000 games. We randomly selected nine of them and tried them out, and the results are.

  • Global Game Jam
  • Star Wars
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  • World of Tanks
  • Zelda
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse

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Every Three Seconds Someone Subscribes To PewDiePie’s Channel

It's not news that PewDiePie's channel is huge. It's the most subscribed channel on YouTube and has managed to hit another milestone recently. As of January 24, Let's Play has made it to 34 million subscribers.

Razer's New Arena Platform Provides Tools For Automatic Match Creation And Reporting

Razer has announced a new competitive gaming ecosystem, Arena, and launched its first phase today.

Celebrate Five Years Of Boldly Going With Star Trek Online All Month Long

The five year mission of your starship has ended. Here's to another five years with the Star Trek Online anniversary event!

Free Cosmetic DLC Released For Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, A First For The Franchise

Natsume is bringing free content to Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley on 3DS, marking the first DLC for the franchise.

Big Giant Swords Creates Whale Sword In Sea-Themed Episode

The promo for the new episode of Big Giant Swords has been released, where Irish Mike looks towards the sea for inspiration for his latest creation.

Xbox Live Holding Big EA Games Sale For Gold Members, Get Discounts On Dragon Age Inquisition, Titanfall, And More

Though the biggest holiday sales have come and gone, there are almost always great offers out there. Xbox Live is holding an EA-centric sale for Gold members, with some big discounts to be found.

Travellar's Judge Dredd RPG Gets Hardcover Version: Takes Players To The Mean Streets Of Mega-City One

Mega-City One is the biggest cesspool of humanity in all of science fiction. One man stands between the horde of lawlessness and the good people of the city, Judge Dredd. And he is the Law. Now you can take on the role of one of Mega-City's finest in a hardcover version of Traveller's Judge Dredd RPG.

Boom Beach: Dr. Terror's Weekly Appointment Will Be Adjusted Starting This Week, Find Out How This Affects You

Supercell is making a slight time adjustment to the weekly Dr. Terror event in Boom Beach in order to lessen server strain. The change will affect his arrival by no more than two hours, but find out how it might affect you.

The Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer Features The Four, But Not So Much The Fantastic

Trip the light fantastic with the first teaser for the upcoming - and troubled - superhero film. Just give everything back to Marvel already.

David Tennant Will Be Playing The Villain In Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones

The creators of Marvel's AKA Jessica Jones are going to bring a whole new group of fans to the Netflix show. Whovians. Brace yourselves, as David Tennant is joining the cast of the coming Netflix Original.

A Throwaway Line May Be The Key To The Entire Next Season Of American Horror Story

The last episode of American Horror: Freak Show possibly revealed a little hint about the coming season of the popular show. A throwaway line from a secondary character may provide a huge clue as to what season five will bring.

Watch Our Dying Light Live Stream Here!

Dying Light hits tomorrow but the fun starts tonight. Check out our playthrough of the 'Be The Zombie' multiplayer mode!

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