Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros For Wii U Review: Nearly Endless Content, Pure Fun, And More Characters Than Ever Before Add Up To The Series' Best Entry Yet

The Wii U title offers a staggering amount to do and see, and the sheer joy of playing and collecting permeates every aspect of the game--this is the best game in the franchise to date.

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Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Version Of Limbo By Promising Free Copies For Xbox One Early Adopters

Many Xbox One owners who had bought their console early were pleasantly surprised today to find an Xbox Live message that said they would be getting a free copy of the macabre indie hit Limbo, especially since the Xbox One version hadn't been officially announced yet.

Discover Exploits, Get Money: Riot Games Starts New Program Paying Security Experts To Hack Into League Of Legends

For as long as there are games, there will be people trying to hack in and exploit them. Riot Games decided to get out in front of it and has been issuing cash rewards to hackers and security experts who have caught and reported security flaws in League of Legends.

Know Thy Enemy's Defenses To Improve Your Own Offense In This Clash Of Clans Video Guide

Galadon is back with another video, this time outlining the finer points of an opponent's defenses and how to read them. Also, how to not fall into traps set forth by your enemy.

Buy Shadowgate And Get Two Free Retro Games

Old-school adventure game fans rejoice! The acclaimed Shadowgate remake will now give you two free retro MacVenture games- the original 128k Mac and Apple IIgs versions of both Shadowgate and Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True.

Walmart Pre Black Friday Video Game Deals: Grab PS4, Xbox One And Wii U Bundles Without Having To Navigate The Crowds

Walmart acknowledges that while it would want everyone in America to come to their stores the day after Thanksgiving, that is probably a safety hazard. So, for the more discerning shopper, they're offering a whole lot of video game deals in the days before Black Friday. Buy the latest system without fear of getting trampled! America!

Some AT&T Nexus 6 Phones Greeted Customers With A Blank Screen Thanks To Faulty Software

AT&T is having to ship much of its early stock of Nexus 6 phablets back to Motorola, as initial shipments were found to be loaded with "incorrect software," leading to phones that would only display a blank screen, according to reports.

Skylanders Trap Team Is Celebrating Its Tablet Release With Prize Giveaways

As the latest expansion in the wildly successful Skylanders series, Skylanders Trap Team has made its way off consoles and onto all different kinds of tablets. To celebrate the game's tablet version, publisher Activision has started a limited-time sweepstakes, complete with prize giveaways.

The GTA V Next-Gen Port Lets You Trip Out On Peyote In An Amazing Way

As if anyone needed proof other than the new first-person mode that the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V wasn't just a straight port, this new little secret making its way around the Internet should do the trick.

Gearbox's Writers Talk About Creating A Brand New Borderlands Story With Telltale

A newly released video for Tales from the Borderlands gives some more context to the game from the Gearbox side of things, seeing how the actual creators of the Borderlands universe feel about this new, narrative-driven experience.

A Small Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Patch Is Coming To Last-Gen Consoles

After a couple of patches have gone out for next-gen consoles and PCs, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are getting a small patch of their own today for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Behold Coghammer, Here To Bolster Your Troops In Hearthstone; Blizzard Also Reveals New Spare Part Card Type In GvG

Blizzard revealed one new card for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes and introduced a new card type: Spare Parts.

The Awesomepocalypse Is Free For 24 Hours This Saturday: Xbox Live Gold Members Can Try Out Sunset Overdrive For Nothing

In honor of the one year anniversary of Xbox One, Insomniac Games is letting all Xbox Live Gold members free 24 hour access to Sunset Overdrive. Get some tomorrow. Details within.

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