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PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 Under Development

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How to Get a Cheaper And New Lunar White, Halo 5 Xbox One Controllers

GameSpot puts an offer for Xbox One users hard to refuse. The game review website offers exchange program to get a price cut on new Xbox One controllers.

Xbox One Windows 10 Beta Update Is Now Ready for Use

Since the release of the Xbox One Windows 10 update, Microsoft is relentless to provide update and patches in order to run make the Window 10 run in the console. The last update finally did it for them.

PS4 Cuts Prices In UK, Will Xbox One Follow

PS4 extends the price cut in the UK, exactly how Microsoft predicted it. Will Xbox One follow Sony's lead?

Skyshine's Bedlam Channels Madmax But Offers More, Available Now In Steam

Skyshine's Bedlam is now available in Steam for $20. According to experts, the game channels Madmax and The Banner Saga.

SNK Playmore's King of Fighters To Be Released For PS4 In 2016

Legendary game King of Fighters was recently announced to hit the PS4 game console in 2016, but gamers have issues with the game's style. The to be released KoF will carry the 3D animation similar to Tekken and SoulCalibur.

Nintendo's Popular Webcast Nintendo Direct Will Continue

Since Iwata's sudden demise, the Nintendo Direct took a halt as well because the program was directly tied to the former Nintendo Boss. After Nintendo named their CEO, they also announced that the Nintendo Direct will also continue but there were no further details provided.

World Record Holder World of Tanks Game Heads Its Way To PS4

Popular war game World of Tanks is heading to the PS4 after dominating the PC and Microsoft game consoles. The game offers exclusive perks for the PS4 gamers.

Sony Finally Launches Project Morpheus, Names It PlayStation VR

After years of development, Sony has finally announced their PlayStation VR the product of their tedious Project Morpheus, which was aimed to give gamers a whole new gaming experience.

Halo 5: Guardians' Developer Promises Game To Run At 60 fps

343 Industries, the responsible for the upcoming Halo 5, promises the gaming community for the game to run at 60 fps which will be the first of games to offer an astounding graphics.

Review And Spoilers: Dragon Age: Inquisition: Trespasser

Check out the game review of Dragon Age: Inquisition's newest baby Trespasser.

Nintendo Confirm Its First Mobile Game And Its Pokemon

Popular game maker Nintendo has confirmed that they will be releasing their first mobile game and it is the world famous Pokemon. The game will offer a real world spin off the game.

Sony's PlayStation One Celebrates 20 Years Today

Sony's PS One is celebrating its 20th birthday today and the gaming community shows appreciation on the iconic game console that paved the way for a more advanced game consoles today.

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