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Postal 2 DLC 'Paradise Lost' Comes To The Twelve Year Old Ultra Violent Steam Title

In a move that will force you redownload a classic game, developer Running With Scissors has released the first bit of DLC content to Postal 2 in a lonng time.

Titan Souls Review Roundup: Boss-Battling Pixel Art Title Is Fun And Challenging, But Burns Itself Out

While the gameplay might not be up everyone's alley, anticipation was fairly high for the title from Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital--now the reviews are in.

GTA 5 PC Patch Fixes CPU Usage, Rockstar Editor Bugs, And More

A patch has already been released for the PC version of GTA V, upgrading the game and fixing a couple issues along the way.

'Games Of Glory', A MOBA Shooter Mashup, Starts Alpha Test This Summer

Another day, another challenger for the MOBA crown. What can Games of Glory bring to the table?

Watch The Final Rounds Of HCS Atlanta As The Top Remaining Halo Teams Compete for $25,000

The first in-person tournament event of the Halo Championship Series' second season began on Friday, and the final rounds for championship Sunday are now live.

BPopular Twitch Gamer Beats 'Bloodborne' With A Guitar Controller; Actually Makes It Look Easy

It's odd when you hear that someone has beaten Bloodborne with a guitar controller and your first thought is, 'Did he play waste of skin? Because if not...' This is the world we live in.

New Bannager Saga Update Includes Linux And SteamOS Versions, Gamepad And Big Picture Support

The Banner Saga was easily one of the biggest (surprise) indie hits of last year, and is now available on Linux and SteamOS.

PS4 Leads Sales Once Again According To March NPD Report, Nintendo Posts Strong Hardware Numbers

Sony has continued its sales lead over Xbox One according to the latest NPD numbers, though Nintendo has posted the largest gains for the last month.

Inateck Bluetooth 3.0 Ultra Slim Keyboard Review: A Smarter Option Than Apple's Wireless Keyboard

These days, it helps to have a keyboard that’s versatile. Sure, you can buy a USB keyboard for your computer, but what about when you’re on your tablet, or even your phone? What if you’re on the go and don’t want to lug around a giant keyboard?

The Forest's Latest Update Overhauls Graphics With Unity 5 Engine, Adds Gameplay Improvements

Early Access indie title The Forest has received incredibly consistent updates from its developers since its launch, and the latest is among the biggest yet.

Three Pro League Of Legends Players Join Up To Assist Call Of Champions, An Upcoming MOBA Title For Mobile Devices

Three players from the League of Legends pro circuit are collaborating with Spacetime Studio to create and fine tune Call of Champions, the company's upcoming MOBA title for smart devices.

Hearthstone Expansion Blackrock Spire Now Open: Learn How To Beat The New Bosses

The latest wing to Blackrock Mountain in Hearthstone has been opened and excellent YouTuber Trump is here to show you how it's done. Watch and learn.

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