Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

The Free Xbox Games With Gold For January 2017 Bared; No More Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games For 2016

With most getting into the Christmas mood, there are some other matters that need addressing. This includes the fee games for the Xbox Games with Gold this January 2017 from Microsoft. ...

  • Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles
  • Killer Instinct Kilgore Reveal
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Launches in Stores Nationwide
  • 'Final Fantasy XV' DLC Release Date, News, & Update: First DLC Gladiolus Pack Features Gilgamesh
  • 'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Why Is It Important To Keep Good Relationships With The Townspeople
  • 'Clash of Clans' December Update Live Now!

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'Halo Wars 2': Games' Development Achieved As Confirmed By Dan Ayoub

Creative Assembly and 343 Industries have just finished the development on Halo Wars 2.

'Little Nightmares' Gets New Trailer, Launches In April

Indie horror game "Little Nightmares" was recently picked up by Bandai Namco.

'Nioh' Gets 'Last Chance Trial' Demo This Weekend

Koei Tecmo indicates that "Nioh" is getting one last demo before its official release in February.

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’: Three More Trailer To Complete The Training, Unlocks Pathfinder-Grade Helmet

Three more trailer videos out of six are still on the wait to drop and finally complete the training.

‘Elite Dangerous’ 2.3 Update, Features, Producer Granted Community’s Request, Fisher’s Rest Outpost Added

Last week, the “Elite Dangerous” community has been very noisy on Tweeter, protesting about a memorial for the late Carrie Fisher in the game.

‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Epic Gun Game Mode Available On Xbox One And PS4 Until Jan 20, Coming To PC Soon

The new Epic Gun Mode for “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” has been available last weekend that will be available on Xbox One and PS4 until Jan 20.

Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Developer Says a Battle Royale DLC Could Happen

Its possible that "Tom Clancy's The Division" could have a Battle Royale DLC in the future based on the Ubisoft surveys.

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ January 17 Weekly Reset

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" weekly update is up and here is everything a player must know about the game.

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ 3.5 Patch Trailer Out, Release Date Announced

The "Final Fantasy XIV: The Far Edge of Fate" recently got a new trailer. Furthermore, the patch release date has also been revealed.

Resident Evil 7’ Complete Trophy List

A guide for "Resident Evil 7" player how to get every trophy in the game has been revealed

‘Overwatch’ News: New Oasis Map Takes Players to Iraq Via Different Locations; Arabic Writings Translated

“Overwatch” Oasis map will bring players to the land of Iraq, hinting at middle-eastern culture and landmarks. The different Arabic writings around the locations are also translated to English.

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