8 Foolproof Tips To Pick A Reliable And Secure VPN

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 02, 2019 10:02 AM EDT
8 Foolproof Tips To Pick A Reliable And Secure VPN
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A virtual private network is one of the most helpful and advantageous security tools people can take advantage of. With the translucent amount of data mining and information gathering taking place on social media and the open internet, users cannot be too lax or negligent with securing their data.

Whether through a browser extension or an installed program, virtual private networks provide an easy solution that makes it challenging and hard for unauthorized collection of the data of a person. Since it's relatively easy to develop a VPN, however, users are left with a sea of options.

For this reason, it can be challenging to determine what one needs. For a little help, we will walk you through eight tips to choose an excellent virtual private network for consumer use. Take a read!

Select a Tried and Trusted VPN Vendor

For the most part, consumer Virtual private networks present two risks. One, VPN software has rights to your mobile phone, laptop, or any of your endpoint, leaving you susceptible and vulnerable to malware risks. 

Two, VPN software can look at your network traffic, leaving you susceptible and vulnerable to security or privacy problems when conveying unencrypted traffic. It is crucial to use an established and credible provider, even though it costs more. 

Go For Paid Service

Do not opt for a free service. Although it can give you security, it's nothing to what a paid service can offer you. Do not hang back to pay for the service. If the VPN provider doesn't generate money on selling the service, then know how they make it.

Virtual private network technology enables you to protect your communications, particularly in public areas. It can be critical and quintessential for journalists and activists in authoritarian states. However, all these perks would be less helpful if your VPN provider sells your network traffic info.

Think About Your Development Cycle

You must measure speed and efficiency versus security. Ask yourself, is this virtual private network secure? What's the state of your development team existing if you were to choose a VPN? 

Of course, you do not want security to delay or block your product, especially when it is in its budding phase. Choose a product that'll aid your development team to be protected but not impede progress.

Research the Ownership

According to some articles, a lot of virtual private network services are owned by a group of small companies, a few of them are based in foreign countries. Trusting these services with top secret and classified information is critical.

If you don't have the choice to make your own, we suggest you research more into the ownership of any VPN service you're considering. Ensure that you know who you're plunging into and from where.

Consider Anonymity, Encryption, And Speed

Primarily, you must determine the features that are crucial or vital to you. Then, assess the features of the VPN vendor, which are anonymity, encryption, and speed. And ensure your prime concerns match.

Next, appraise the device compatibility because some virtual private networks aren't available on all platforms. Finally, ensure the VPN of the vendor has reliable customer service and user-friendly interface. 

Understand the Fine Print

Most consumers or users select a VPN service provider based on their guarantees to protect our privacy and not to keep logs. Make certain that you read and understand the fine print. Keep in mind that just because it is keeping you safe from eavesdroppers in public areas, it does not mean it is entirely secure.

Consider what you're trying to secure. If you want to be protected, then disable your Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, if you are doing it for privacy, then consider what info you're sending them.

Opt For Security And Simplicity

Because your privacy and security can be at risk, do your research and know the provider behind the virtual private network. The uncomplicated and uninvolved, the finer the print is. And the more the provider is brand-worthy, the more likely that it's an ideal option for a new user.

Look For A User-friendly Interface

If a user does not completely understand what a virtual private network is or how to use it, then it would be best to pick a VPN service with a user-friendly interface. A lot of VPN services can be tedious and intricate to set up and navigate. 

Therefore, for beginners, opt for a VPN service that has a user-friendly, simple interface. In this way, you can easily perform simple tasks.


If you are searching for the best virtual private network to stay anonymous online, torrenting, geographic restrictions, privacy, and more, then you have many confusing options. Fortunately, the tips outlined in this article could help you in choosing a reliable and secure VPN.

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