Fish Plays Pokemon: Twitch Users Are Watching A Fish Control Pokemon Red, Has Played 135 Hours And Somehow Acquired A Charmander

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Aug 07, 2014 11:41 AM EDT

Forget the human-driven Twitch Plays Pokemon experiment--it's about time the game was handed over to another species. Fortunately for us, Fish Plays Pokemon is a real thing that's happening right now.

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Intrepid Twitch users have set the different sections of a fish's tank to correspond to the buttons on a Game Boy and connected it to Pokemon Red. When Grayson Hooper, the fish in question, swims over to an area in his tank, the motion is tracked and transmitted to the game, which carries out his action. You can watch this unfold in the video embedded below--more than 13,600 people currently are.

According to the description on the Twitch page, Grayson apparently managed to acquire his first Pokemon--choosing Charmander--after playing for 135 hours. At the time of this post, he seems firmly stuck back in the starting bedroom and doesn't move too often--I'm frankly surprised he ever got out of the house. It will truly take some serendipity for him to make any progress, I think, unless he's just biding his time before he reveals that he is in fact the very best Pokemon Master, like no one ever was.

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The Twitch page also explains that the creators made the project in about 24 hours for HackNY.

There is, of course, a Subreddit for Fish Plays Pokemon as well, which you can visit to keep track of all Grayson-related activity and lore. Some fan-made art has already cropped up, so head over the check out some of the ridiculous posts celebrating this strange phenomenon and watch for yourself below.

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