LyteShot Game Peripheral Looks To Combine ARGs With First-Person Shooters

By Connor Sears , Updated Nov 11, 2014 05:14 PM EST

Many creative game developers have asked what would happen if video games were elevated into the real world. It's the whole premise beyond alternate reality games. But current ARGs are often little more than advanced scavenger hunts. The team behind LyteShot is looking to change that with a gaming peripheral that adds a bit of first-person shooter action to smartphone-based social gameplay.

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The LyteShot is an in-progress peripheral that aims to take FPS gameplay out into the real world. The Lyter handheld device connects with both a LytePuck receiver and your smartphone through a LyteShot app to create a mobile gaming experience that can be ready to go wherever your phone has a connection.

The whole system seems to work, on a basic level, like a game of laser tag with no physical boundaries and much less cumbersome equipment. One player can use his Lyter to shoot at another player's LytePuck receiver via an infrared signal. If the signal hits, the peripheral communicates it to the synced smartphone over Bluetooth that then keeps track of all of the information through the cloud, keeping all players up to date on what's going on in the game.

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The LyteShot team has already created the kind of game you'd expect out this kind of hardware. Their take on the classic game of Assassins tasks you with taking out your target before you get taken out yourself. Because the whole product is open source, however, the LyteShot team has left it open for developers to come in and design their own games around the technology.

You can find more information and keep up with LyteShot news over at the company's website.

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