Civilization: Beyond Earth Mac And Linux Update: Linux Version Might Not Support Certain Graphics Cards At Launch

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 04, 2014 10:19 AM EST

As PC players continue to wait for Firaxis' big upcoming patch for Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth, Aspyr is hard at work getting the same patch running on Mac and finishing up development on the Linux version, though the latter might not run for everyone at launch.

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In the latest developer post from Aspyr, the Mac and Linux developer that has worked with 2K for the ports of several games, we get an update for both the currently available Mac version and the in-development Linux port of the new Civilization title. The next big step for the Mac version is actually the next big step for the PC version. Firaxis has a patch in the works that's set to add more balance into the game and clean up a few lingering bugs.

Aspyr's goal is to get this patch out to Mac users at the same time it rolls out to PC users so cross-platform multiplayer matches can continue uninterrupted. Since we haven't seen a solid date on when the patch will go live for PC players, however, it's difficult to say what the timeline is for any of this.

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Another goal for Aspyr's developers is to get this big patch ported to Linux, so the Linux version of the game will be fully update upon its release. The last time we got an update, the Linux version was estimated to be two or three weeks behind the Mac version in development. If that schedule holds true, Linux users could see their own Beyond Earth port released within the next two weeks.

At launch, though, there's a chance that not every graphics card will be supported by the Linux version. According to Aspyr, Intel and ATI graphics cards are causing trouble with the Linux port, so the developer says that it's "likely" that these graphics cards won't be supported on Linux at launch. Nothing has been confirmed yet, though.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is now available on PC and Mac, with a Linux port coming soon.

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