Total War Attila Black Horse Trailer Depicts The Tired, Desperate Struggle Of The Homeless Gothic People [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jan 15, 2015 11:59 AM EST

A new cinematic trailer for Total War: Attila has been released, providing context about the harsh factors at play causing friction among the world's factions.

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The long and bitter winters force the Goths to roam in search of habitable land, while their original home is directly in the path of Attila the Hun's conquest. The tribe is forced to act as nomads, searching for fertile land--a background supported in-game with the new roaming and horde mechanics.

I could go on and describe the trailer in-depth, but you're best served by just watching yourself. The narration provides the context mentioned above, outlining the scenes of the tired, roving hordes. Though the game itself may not end up depicting as much narrative as we see in the video, it is the reasoning behind some of the game's new mechanics, and its setting.

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Total War: Attila will launch for PC on February 17.

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