Google Glass Cancelled: Company Ends Production On Futuristic Glasses

By Donyae , Updated Jan 19, 2015 03:53 PM EST

Goodnight Google Glass. After a short run, the project is ending and no more units will be sold. Even though the company is still invested in the idea and will continue to offer support for current owners, they're pulling the plug on the product in its present form.

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According to Tech Crunch, today is the last day that the Google Glass will be sold. After today, the item will still be supported but there will likely be no real updates to the software.

BBC reported that the choice to end the Glass program was two-fold. First, although early adapters were very excited about the idea of Glass, it failed to meet up to expectations of the product.

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Secondly, there were privacy concerns with its use in public places.

The Glass was originally released with the Explorer Program, which allowed developers to purchase a Google Glass for $1,500. Early adapters found it an interesting product with many possible applications and some very useful ideals, but ultimately it just had a failure to launch.

Yet the future of the Glass seems overall positive, in a way. There will be no more Google Glasses sold in their current form, but development will continue on a new product that takes what they learned from Google Glass and integrate it into a better model. No official timeline for a second release has been given.

Until there is a new product, people who have Google Glass (and businesses that use it) will still find that their product is supported. Google has said that they will continue to support the hardware even though they will not be developing that particular product any further.

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