CastleStorm Zen Pinball 2 Tables Rolling Out This Month: 'Iron & Steel' Pack Also Includes Wild West Rampage Table

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 10, 2015 10:08 AM EST

Zen Studios, the folks who are singlehandedly keeping the legacy of Pinball alive and well, are releasing two new tables to their popular Zen Pinball 2 series.

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Beginning on February 24, players can download the Iron & Steel pack which features the CastleStorm and the Wild West Rampage tables on all platforms. Based on the very fun title of the same name, in the CastleStorm pinball table, players will team up with the heroic knight Sir Gareth as he returns once more to protect the Kingdom from the relentless hordes of vicious Vikings and their raging leader, Chief Ramhorn. CastleStorm pinball features both single and multiball modes, a very large and excitable dragon, trolls and in true post-modern fairy tale tradition, a talking donkey.

Fans of tower defense and brawlers should check out CastleStorm on Steam and the highly addictive mobile version today.

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The Wild West Rampage pack "stars Cindy, a bold bounty hunter who arrives in the western town of Rackton Point with a bone to pick with the town's crooked Sheriff Evans." The pack features a fully operation 3D steam engine, saloon doors, six shooters and other assorted western paraphernalia. One has to hand it to pinball for the sheer amount of kitsch and absurdity they feature.

The Iron & Steel Pack launches the week of February 24 for $4.99 on PC and consoles, and $2.99 for individual tables on Mac on February 25. On mobile platforms, the tables are each available individually through the Zen Pinball app for $.99 on February 26. Wii U players will have to wait a bit for the new content.

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