Dark Knight Rises: Robin, Scarecrow Cameo? Plus New Batman Website

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jun 23, 2012 12:10 PM EDT

Rumors have continued to swirl about a potential appearance or Robin and Scarecrow in director Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises."

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the role of Gotham City cop John Blake in the new Batman movie though fans assume that there is more to his character.  John Blake's multiple appearances in the recent Dark Knight Rises trailer raised a few flags that the character could play a big part in maintaining Batman's legacy after the trilogy ends. 

Batman, played by actor Christian Bale, is seen battered and beaten by his newest villain Bane.  The Dark Knight will look to revive his stature with some help from Catwoman and possibly Robin.  In the comics, a young Dick Grayson was adopted and trained by Batman, who would eventually become the caped crusader's sidekick Robin.  As Grayson grew older, he took over the role of Batman after Bruce Wayne's mysterious disappearance. 

The plot may tie in well if Batman retires his role in The Dark Knight Rises and opens up possibilities of rebooting the successful Batman trilogy.   Bale confirmed that he is done playing Batman and plans to move on after The Dark Knight Rises.  Director Christopher Nolan also proclaimed that this would be his last Batman film. 

Another rumor is that actor Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow character may make an appearance in the new film.  Scarecrow was Batman's first villain in Nolan's Batman Begins.  Scarecrow's involvement in the new movie may be a possibility.  In the comic book series "Knightfall," Batman was doused with the Scarecrow's fear toxin in the act of rescuing Gotham City's mayor.  The string of events later set the stage for the dark knight's defeat to Bane. 

In an interview with IFC, Murphy stayed tight lipped about a possible Scarecrow role in The Dark Knight Rises.

 "My thing is always like, it's out very shortly. Let's not be impatient. People are so impatient. Some things [spoilers are] great for, but other things... isn't it so great to go and see a film that you haven't seen a script for, that you haven't seen on set videos, that you haven't read spoilers for, that you just go in and you just are in it?" said Murphy.

In other Dark Knight marketing news, a new website has been launched in promoting the new film.  The DEWGothamCity.com launched as Warner Bros. and Mountain Dew teams up to add more Batman hype.

"DEWGothamCity.com was designed with DEW and Dark Knight fans in mind and provides the opportunity to experience 'The Dark Knight Rises' before the film hits screens next month," said Brett O'Brien, Vice President of Marketing for Mountain Dew.

"Codes from specially marked packages of DEW will enable passionate DEW and Dark Knight fans to unlock exclusive content and enter to win exclusive 'The Dark Knight Rises' prizes. For us, it's all about rewarding our fans," added O'Brien.

The hub comes with four immersive environments featuring interactive activities and content for which only Mountain Dew and "The Dark Knight Rises" will be able to provide. It will bring The Applied Sciences lab, The Gotham City Convenience Store, The Gotham City Police Department and The Bat Cave.

 "We're looking for the most fanatical DEW and Dark Knight fan out there - the more devotion we see, the better," said O'Brien. "And, if we like what we see, you could be on your way to the ultimate fan experience - the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the third and final installment of this epic trilogy at the same time as the 'The Dark Knight Rises' cast."

A new TV spot "DEW/The Dark Knight Rises" has also been created in partnership with Microsoft's Xbox.  It allows Xbox Live users to enter UTC codes in the BDE using their keypad or controller to mimic the DEWGothamCity.com online experience. They will be able to create their own avatars and explore Gotham City.

The epic conclusion of the Batman legend and will hit theatres on July 20.


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