Nintendo Confirm Its First Mobile Game And Its Pokemon

By Bjorn Ramos , Updated Sep 10, 2015 09:19 PM EDT

Pokémon GO is an up and coming augmented reality game designed specifically for iPhone and Android that will give you a chance to discover, catch, and fight Pokémon out in the real world. This all ties up with the assistance of a Bluetooth wristband called the Pokémon GO Plus.

The Pokémon GO Plus connects with your mobile phone by means of Bluetooth and gives you a chance to perform basic orders in-game, such as capture Pokémon. It additionally tells players of Pokémon in close proximity (and other activities) by glimmering and vibrating. The gadget itself is made and fabricated by Nintendo.

Nintendo tapped Niantic, a company known to turn real-world landmarks into a game map or something to that effect. Niantic is known for a 2013 portable game called Ingress, a peculiar certifiable sci-fi application in paranoia, open landmarks and player cooperation.

Game experts and gamers are excited and at the same time concerned about the upcoming Pokémon game. If Nintendo, Pokémon, and Niantic stay true to their promise, the world will be a little bit strange to see people poking their devices towards something, regardless of the place.

Based on the cartoon, characters need to travel around the globe to battle each other and capture Pokémon along the process. That being said, it won't be a surprise to see a gamer on top of a summit in pursuit of a Pokémon monster or travelling from East to West because of a duel (Hopefully Pokémon will tie up with a certain airline so they can also profit from the travels).

Pokemon is a creation of Satoshi Tajiri in 1995. The popular franchise first taste of the gaming world is through Game Boy and the franchise moved on into one of the world's most recognized brand.

The game was announced earlier this year in which the game will be available to download for free on App Store and Google Play by 2016.

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