'Pokemon Go' Release Date, Latest Leaks & Update: 'Pokemon Go' Beta Testers Leaked New Gameplay Footage For The Mobile App [VIDEO]

By Alvin Clavines , Updated May 12, 2016 10:49 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" is sure to win the hearts of mobile users as one field tester finally revealed the different mobile aspect of the game that includes the fun battle game and detailed graphics. Judging from the beta tester review, it is expected that "Pokemon Go" will be a great hit once it is released for Android and iOS users.

News Everyday reported that Pokemon fans from New Zealand and Australia were given the chance to become "Pokemon Go" beta testers. They were also given a non-disclosure agreement to not discuss anything about the game. However, recent reports from The Bitbag found a reviewer named GOTrip from Australia that detailed the different aspects of "Pokemon Go."

According to the Beta tester, while fans already know that "Pokemon Go" has two battle systems that are described as fun, the reviewer was quick to comment that the gym battle (the second battle system) is relatively very easy. He also mentioned Meowth and Rattata as some of the annoying weak wild Pokemon. Although throughout his testing, he was able to find new Pokemon characters such as Caterpie. Although the beta tester mentioned some minor complaints, he also admitted that these problems can be easily fixed.

Othe beta testers also did not comply with the non-disclosure agreement as they also exposed some footage of the gameplay and screen capture some images from "Pokemon Go."

Another beta tester who also leaked the gameplay for "Pokemon Go" is also from Australia, Darkathion, who uploaded his gameplay action. The nine-minute-long leaked beta test gameplay showed battle fights and capturing a Pokemon. The footage also showed the battle events that happens in the mobile app.

Fans do appreciate any latest updates that they can find about "Pokemon Go" in the expense of beta testers who continuously provide news. It is certain though with the outpour interest on "Pokemon Go" even without prior news of its release that this mobile game app will be a sure hit.

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