Emulator Helps Transform Old Burger King Toy Into An Actual Portable Game Console

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jun 07, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

These days, creativity and imagination can go a long way and the results may render most flabbergasted even if it entails an old giveaway by like the Game Boy Nano Color from Burger King.

With do-it-yourself projects shown left and write, it is seems a bit unsurprising to find someone come up with a ingenious idea of turning a portable game console like this Game Boy Color giveaway by Burger King into a working mobile device.

A Reddit user known as “ChaseLambeth” was able to pull it off, placing a Raspberry Pi Zero inside a plastic Game Boy Color toy that came from Burger King way back in 2000. The replica was of course something meant to hook up with the growing popularity of the Game Boy though this one only had a tilting ball maze instead.

Knowing the practice, the Game Boy Nano Color would eventually be nothing more than a collector’s item to date had it not for “ChaseLambeth’s” ingenious effort.

Though it was not really an original creation, the fact here is that “ChaseLambeth” was able to turn something that was technically junk into something useful. The user got inspiration from an unnamed Instagram user who was doing the same thing and actually had one working copy.

Inside, the components of the Game Boy Color was the same with the RetroPie emulator OS for Raspberry Pi installed to emulate it. While the OS does offer support for other emulators, the toy’s layout and buttons may render problems as far as proper controls.

Regadless, the efforts of "ChaseLambeth" and the creativity placed into creating a familiar portable game console piece should not be overlooked. It may  not be pretty in the eyes of some, but the creation is something that surely meant to encourage other life hacks that can be made possible.


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