'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter To Appear In 'Supergirl'

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Jun 22, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

The OG Wonder Woman is making a comeback to television. Lynda Carter, who played the iconic role of Wonder Woman in the 1975 series, is officially heading to The CW's "Supergirl," where she will play The President of the United States.

Earlier this year, executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg admitted that they wanted Carter to appear in the series, but scheduling conflicts prevented them from making it happen. Entertainment Weekly reports that the stars have finally aligned and Carter will be coming to the show, following appearances by former superheroes Dean Cain, who played Superman in the 1993 series "Lois and Clark" and the original Supergirl, Helen Slater, who played Kara's foster parents in The CW series. Carter will make her debut in the third episode of the second season.

Carter has made a few television appearances in the last 10 years, including one in "Two and a Half Men" in 2013 and "Smallville" in 2007. Most recently, she appeared as a guest judge on the Game Show Network's body painting competition, "Game Wars."

Carter's "Wonder Woman" ran for three seasons from 1975 to 1979, a time when female superheroes got the chance to showcase themselves in their own light. The latest superhero films still feature a majority of male heroes, with characters such as Black Widow, Wonder Woman, and Gamora playing supportive roles to their male counterparts.

Carter told Nerdist in 2014 that the reason why "Wonder Woman" garnered a huge following in the 70's was not just about her physicality. "It wasn’t about brawn…it was about brains. And yes, she happened to be beautiful [and] kind of extraordinary in some way, but she wasn’t a guy," Carter explained. "They’re not showcasing any of the tremendous dichotomies than women possess in term of softness and toughness, sweetness and grit, and inner and outer strength...But you champion the woman who takes out the pepper spray and saves herself from an attacker and shows off tremendous kind of bravery in so many ways."

Carter makes her television comeback on the second season of "Supergirl" returning on October 10 at 8 PM ET on The CW.

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