iPhone 7 Latest News, Rumor & Release Date: iOS 10 Molds Expectations For Next Apple Flagship? Top 3 Features Unveiled!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jun 24, 2016 06:33 AM EDT

The iPhone 7 leaves a lot to be desired despite the fact that it comes with little to laud. Regardless, the Apple flagship expected to debut in September will have features that could make it tempting to consider, particularly for the long-time iPhone loyalists.

To date, most of the specs that the iPhone 7 carries have been from the rumor mill. But there is one authentic feature to expect – the iOS 10 as singled out by Mac World.

Apple will obviously arm the iPhone 7 with their latest iOS 10 and perhaps from there, things to watch out for can be already confirmed. A lot of these were already mentioned on the iOS 10 preview shown at the WWDC 2016 in a separate article by Mac World.

Lenghty as it may, the features could hint at affirming the standout features for the iPhone 7. Here are some of them worth noting.

1. The Home Button change

Everyone has probably heard the rumor involving the major change tied up with the physical home button. With the iteration, it not only improves on water proofing issues but also offers a touch-based interface that reduces the strain of hard button presses.

With iOS 10, 3D Touch and Touch ID come to mind – two interface features that will surely be integrated with the new mobile operating system. More on this can be viewed via this previous post.

2. Dark Mode, Black Backgrounds

Though not tackled at WWDC 2016, beta tester have allegedly uncovered a code in the messages and settings. Black backgrounds could hint a system-wide dark mode, something that should make the iPhone 7 look different and better. More on this digs deeper on this via podcast via 9 to 5 Mac.

3. Dual Lens Camera angle

One of the key features is the iPhone 7 coming with a dual-lens camera. It is one of the better features to look forward to which will require the aid of proper image editing apps to enhance high resolution image and video captures.

The Photos’ new Memories feature will allow potential owners to snap photos on the upcoming iPhone 7 and automatically group them into albums that can be viewed on Apple TV.

These are just some of the popular features that the iPhone 7 will reportedly carry and something that the iOS 10 will likely be tied up with. So does this confirm rumors?

All that should be cleared up when Apple officially lifts the covers on the iPhone 7 this Fall.

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